Happy February everyone! I don’t want to jinx anything, but I am really hoping this month turns out to be better than last month. I feel like January was kind of awful for pretty much everyone I know, so there was definitely something going on with the universe. But it’s a new month and hopefully that means good things.

Either way, I am very excited about the reading list I put together this month. In January, I kind of read basically whatever I felt like reading, and it was amazing, but I don’t want to fall behind on my reading goals for the year. So I definitely had that in mind when putting together my February reading list. You might also recognize a few of these books from my 2022 reading list because I haven’t read a single one of them and don’t want to leave them all for the end of the year and be racing to finish them. So I picked a few that kind of fit what I’m in the mood for and what I want to accomplish this month.

That was a longer than normal intro, so let’s just get right into the books:

She Would Be King by Wayétu Moore

I am very excited to pick this one up. I’ve heard good thins about this book (and one of you recommended it in the comments a while back, and I’m so sorry, but I can’t remember who it was – leave a comment if it was you!). But it is the perfect book to pick up this month for two reasons. First, it fits this month’s theme for the Buzzword Reading Challenge, which is “a book with a pronoun in the title”. And it works for Black History Month because this is actually a historical magical realism novel about Liberia’s formation. Which I know literally nothing about, so I’m looking forward to learning more.

This Might Hurt by Stephanie Wrobel

Lately, I’ve really been in the mood for a thriller, and I just so happen to have an ARC of this book, which will be released later this month. It’s about two sisters, one of whom gets trapped in a cult while the other tries to get her out. But the cult uncovers some secrets and tries to use them to stop sister number two from getting to the sister they have a hold on. Kind of gives me The Project by Courtney Summers vibes, which I did really like. And I also really liked Stephanie Wrobel’s last book, Darling Rose Gold, which is based on DeeDee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard. I like creepy, dark, cult-y true crime docs, so I’m hoping this will satisfy my dark thriller craving this month.

I’m Afraid of Men by Vivek Shraya

One of my goals for this year is to read more books by trans authors. It’s something I don’t really read much of at all and I just want to explore it some more. For me, it’s an experience that is very far removed from my own, and just want to have a better understanding because I find it makes me more understanding and empathetic to others. This one in particular ended up on my reading list for the year because it’s a memoir of Shraya’s experience being discriminated against and being forced to behave in a masculine way just to survive her childhood. It seems like it will be super impactful, especially given that it’s under a hundred pages. I’m hoping this will be a quick, but educational read.

The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin

I don’t believe in shaming people for the books they read or don’t read. But I am fully shaming myself for having a masters degree in English and undergrad degrees in both history and American studies and somehow have still not read James Baldwin. I definitely need to fix this asap. When I decided to put this on my reading list for 2022, I spent a while going back and forth on which of his books to pick up first. But, for me, I felt like nonfiction was a good place to start. I am very excited to read this book of essays, especially during Black History Month.

North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell

Yet another one of my reading goals for this year is to read six classics. I had that goal last year and accidentally ended up reading twenty-two (you can blame this insane Harvard summer reading list experiment for my being an obnoxious over-achiever). This year, I am really hoping to stick closer to my goal of six, because I have no idea how I did that last year. I’m going to try and read one every other month, which means we are due in February. And I thought it might be the perfect chance to read a classic romance since I love Austen and the Brontë sisters and have read almost all of their books, I thought I’d branch out and try an author I haven’t read yet. I’ve heard amazing things about this book, and I’m really looking forward to curling up with a cozy classic romance at some point this month.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

The final addition to my reading list this month is for my personal book club. I have a book club with my cousins that we recently started back up. I suggested a few books and this is the one that ended up being the winner. I am very excited about it because not only is it one of only two books they’ve chosen that I haven’t already read, I’m pretty sure it’s the first one we’ve picked by a non-white author (nothing against Taylor Jenkins Reid or Erin Morgenstern, because I love them). I’ve also been hearing wonderful things about this, and it’s short so everyone might actually finish it. Hopefully it’s as good as I’ve been hearing and I can’t wait to jump in!

That’s it for my reading list for this month. I might try and get to a couple romance novels if I have time because that sounds fun (and there is one I’m thinking of reading for a mini-reading experiment post). I also picked up Ring Shout as my first book of the month on a whim and am really enjoying it so far. And I plan on finishing My Year of Rest and Relaxation because I am loving living vicariously through someone who gets to hibernate for a year. But it’s already the third and I have yet to finish a book in February, so fingers crossed I actually complete my plans.

What are you planning to read this month?

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  1. I once read the funniest review of Before the Coffee Gets Cold, which basically just said that they were disappointed, because they bought the book due to a cat being on the cover – and then there was no cat in the book!

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