Happy May! I have no idea how it is already May – the pandemic has definitely messed with my sense of time. Which is not going to help me this month because I have a (tentative) reading list of eighteen books. Yes, you read that right, my planned reading list this month consists of eighteen books. I might end up bumping a few of those to later in the year, but I’m going to try.

Five of the books on my list are for this month’s reading experiment post (which will be up closer to the end of the month). But two of them are classics, and one of those is by an author I don’t like but am giving a second chance, so I’m a little worried. And another five are for the Asian Readathon, which I am participating again this year (check out my Asian Readathon 2021 TBR here).

That said, here are a few of the other books I am hoping to get to this month:

Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi

Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing is one of my favorite books of all time. And I cannot believe I still haven’t read her new book. I think a little part of my is kind of scared it won’t live up to Homegoing. But it is on the list of books I really want to get to this year (that are not for a specific reading list or post) and I think it’s time. I’ve been doing a pretty good job of getting to the books on that list so far this year, and I kind of want to keep up the momentum. Even though I have way too many other things to read this month.

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennet

This book is also on the list of books I wanted to read last year, but didn’t. However, this one is also on the list of books I need to read for the massive reading experiment post I’m working on (tentatively scheduled for November) and I am not going great with that list. So even though I do have a lot of other things to get to, I really need to start crossing more books of that list. Because I don’t want to get to the end of the year and try to panic read fifteen big books in one week. Which is a very real possibility.

The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson

This might give it away, but this book is also for the yearlong reading experiment I’m doing. However, I am weirdly less stressed about this one because I decided to go with the audiobook. And it is narrated by the narrator of my favorite long audiobook, so I know I can get through this fairly quickly. At least I hope I can.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I am very, very excited to have an ARC of this one, and I really want to read it before it comes out on June 1. I have learned not to read ARCs too early, because then I want to talk about them and I can’t. But I am planning on reading this towards the end of May, and I am very excited. I just love Taylor Jenkins Reid. This one doesn’t really sound like my jam, but I have learned that it doesn’t really matter if TJR is the author, I’ll probably love it anyway.

Dead Dead Girls by Nekesa Afia

I think this one might be a long shot this month, but it’s another June 1 release I really want to get to. This is a diverse debut, and I love that it is own voices and features a black protagonist in 1920s Harlem. It’s not the kind of book I usually pick up, but the great reviews it’s gotten so far, and the fact that this is just so different than the kind of books I tend to gravitate towards made me want to give it a go.

I was going to say that’s it for May, but we know this isn’t even half of the books I’m planning on reading. There are some I’m very excited for and others I am kind of scared of. But hopefully I can pull this off because my planned June reads are not much better, so I can’t really afford to roll these over. But hopefully it end up being a great reading month, and I manage to finish all the books!

What is on your reading list for May?

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  1. I didn’t know about any of those books, but they all sound interesting and I hope you will have a good time reading them. I don’t have too many plans for May myself, but I do finally want to read Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo (although I’m scared of finishing the series and having no more Grisha content) and The Nature of Witches, which is an upcoming release I’m excited about. It’s basically climate change packed into fantasy.

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          1. I think it’s a really good idea to read them beforehand and the show is always available on Netflix whenever you finish them! I think they really made it for fans of the books, because they barely explained the world haha

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    1. I only made it like have way through Siege & Storm years ago. I want to finish it, but I was just so annoyed by Mal haha. I’ve been considering just giving up on it and reading Six of Crows anyway. It’s one of those series I really wanted to like, but it just didn’t work for me well enough to make me stick through so many books 😕

      I haven’t heard of The Nature of Witches, but that sounds cool! I’ll have to check it out!


      1. You really don’t need the Shadow and Bone trilogy for Six of Crows and SoC is much better. Leigh Bardugo really learned from her first series and embraced the multiple POVs instead of just one (which was the downside to Shadow and Bone, because Mal really isn’t that bad).

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