I’m not a huge music person. I want to be, but then I just end up listening to what I know on repeat. Which now includes Evermore. I’m pretty sure it’s the only thing (other than audiobooks) I have listened to in the past two months. I can’t stop. And since I already did the Folklore Book Tag, I obviously have to do this one. And yes, I am listening to Evermore as I write this.

I wasn’t tagged, but that’s fine – I do what I want. I linked back to the creator’s post, though, so go check her out.


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willow – a book with a character you can’t help but fall in love with

Honestly, the first character that popped into my head was Mr. Darcy, so I have to go with Pride and Prejudice. And if that makes me a basic white girl, I don’t care. I love Mr. Darcy. Probably because I am very much a Lizzie Bennet (seriously, the parallels between our families are kind of weird). I just haven’t found my Darcy (yet).

champagne problems – a book with a broken relationship

I decided for this one, to go with a relationship that was broken, but not toxic or really bad at all. And that is Celestial and Roy from American Marriage by Tayari Jones. It’s about a newlywed couple torn apart by really unfortunate experiences. A woman accuses Roy of rape, simply because he was around when she was raped… but by another black man. He goes to prison for a crime he doesn’t commit, and the distance slowly breaks away at his marriage. It’s heartbreaking and tragic, and just very real.

gold rush – a book you love with all your heart

One book that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (other than Pride and Prejudice) is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I just love it so, so much. Like, own multiple copies, have gotten multiple friends and my entire book club to read it, own a Cirque des Rêves-scented candle, obsessed.

’tis the damn season – a book in which the character reconnects with their family/hometowm

Oh, I have the perfect book for this! We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter is about a Jewish family living in Poland during WWII. They get separated and end up across the globe, unaware of what’s become of some of their family members. They all go through hardships, but they all survive. And in the end, they all come back together. It’s an incredible story, and I loved it!

tolerate it – a book with a suffering relationship

For some reason, I feel like I can’t go this whole post without mentioning The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. There are so many complicated and complex relationships in this book (and not just the seven marriages)

no body, no crime – a book about murder

The book that keeps coming to mind right now is My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing. It’s twisty and dark and just a really fun thriller. Why haven’t I read another Samantha Downing book yet? I need to fix that soon.

Side note: despite not being a huge fan of country music, this is my favorite song on the album. No idea why, but I cannot stop listening to it.

happiness – a book that’s an old favorite, but you just can’t relate to anymore

Probably a lot of the YA I read as a teenager and young adult. One that I was obsessed with as a pre-teen was the Princess Diaries series. And I don’t think I would attempt to read it again now. I learned the hard way that rereading childhood favorites isn’t always the best idea. I loved Eragon, but couldn’t get through it when I tried a while back after having read The Lord of the Rings. It’s just not as good anymore. So I choose to let my childhood favorites be just that without trying to read them now and ruining them for myself.

dorothea – a book featuring old (or strong) friendships

I was looking through my read books for another answer and was reminded of The Goldfinch, which I had to use for this this answer. Theo and Boris maybe don’t have the best friendship, but they stay friends for many years, even when they lose touch for a bit. Honestly, it’s not the most healthy friendship, but I still loved it.

coney island – a book that made you cry/completely destroyed you

The saddest book I ever read award has to go to A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. I sobbed after I read this. For like hours. It destroyed me. Like, I think it legit made me depressed (more than I already was) for like three months. As an empath, this was definitely not the book I should have read, but I loved it anyway. And apparently I enjoy being stabbed in the heart, because I have been temped to reread it several times over the years.

ivy – a book that was an unexpected favorite

I feel like I need to go with The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. I was very skeptical going into this. I love historical fiction, but a thousand-page novel about the building of a cathedral did not sound like my jam. But I loved it so, so much. It’s been two years and I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

cowboy like me – a book about thieves or criminals

I have to think about a lot of the answers for these, but not for this one. As soon as I read it, How Much of These Hills is Gold by C. Pam Zhang popped into my head. It’s about two children of Chinese laborers who are orphaned in the middle of the Gold Rush. And, because they have no money and nowhere to go, they become outlaws. Honestly, westerns are really not my thing, so I was not expecting to like this one, but I ended up loving it! It could totally fit into the previous category, as well, because it was definitely an unexpected new favorite.

long story short – a book that made up your childhood

When I think about reading in my childhood, the memory that gets me is the summer when I was maybe eight. I had no friends and didn’t like going outside (both of which are still true). And I spent all summer inside reading my way through a giant bind-up of the entire Chronicles of Narnia. I was not a happy kid, and I distinctly remember this being the book (or books) that taught me that I could escape real life and go to fantasy worlds.

marjorie – a book with a moving message

I had kind of a hard time coming up with the answers to this one. I initially though I would go with some nonfiction, but ultimately settled on A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. It definitely has it’s sad moments, but it still puts a smile on my fave when I think about it. And it just has really great messages about life and loss. I loved it! Now I want to read it again.

closure – a series in which you NEED the next book

So I haven’t read the most recent book in the series yet (but I will be very, very soon!) and I already know I NEED the next book in the Wayward Children’s series. This is the only series I have stuck with this long, and I still love it. I love all of the characters, which I think it what will keep me reading. Because there are still so many characters whose stories I really need. Especially Christopher and Kade. I will not stop reading this series until Christopher and Kade get their own books.

evermore – the perfect conclusion to an extremely long (but worth it) series

I generally don’t really do long series, especially nowadays. It’s not that they’re not good, I just tend to be ready to move on before the series has ended. Also, I read way too much to be expected to remember what’s going on with the story over that much time. So, my choices here are very limited. But I guess I’d go with The Diviners series by Libba Bray. King of Crows wasn’t my favorite of the series, but I did think it wrapped up the story fairly well.

Alright, that’s it for this tag! I had a lot of fun doing it. If you’d like to do this tag, then consider yourself tagged! Or share your answers in the comments.

Happy reading!

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    1. Ah, someone else who suffered through A Little Life! It was a great book, so well written. I read it back when I still had a commute and would spend days at work on edge, wondering what was happening to the characters while I was working. Yes, definitely a book to cry over.

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      1. Agreed! Luckily, I read it during grad school on a week off, so I didn’t burst into tears at work. But I did stay up until like 4am finishing it and then couldn’t sleep afterwards.


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