Lately, my reading habits have been… not so great. I’ve finished two books in the last two months. I’m not happy about it, but I also don’t have enough motivation to really care that much. How’s month eight of the pandemic going for you?

But, just because I’m not reading doesn’t mean I’m not doing things. I just got my hands on the Animal Crossing Switch (I bought a Switch Lite back in March because I had no idea what I was getting into, saw it was back, and couldn’t resist). Now I have two Animal Crossing islands and a Rollercoaster Tycoon Zoo, and have also rediscovered my love for Mario 64 (yes, I am old enough to have played the original on my N64).

But that isn’t what this post is about. Because while I’ve been building a five-star island and going after Bowser, I obviously need to be watching something (I am a multitasker by nature). So, since I don’t really have any bookish things to talk about today, I thought I’d talk about some of the things I’ve been binge-watching instead of reading books.

American Horror Story

I have been an AHS fan since Murder House (season 1). But I haven been as loyal a watcher recently. I skipped Cult on purpose because I just couldn’t deal with the election stuff. Why I chose to watch it right now, I have no idea. And I somehow just completely missed 1984. But I just flew through both of them (in like a week), and I really liked… one of the seasons. 1984 might honestly be in my top three seasons. It was campy and fun and murder-y. But Cult is definitely at the bottom of my rank list. I love Sarah Paulson, and Alison Pill was a fun surprise, but overall, it was just meh. Still very glad I am fully caught up, though. The next season looks really good, and all I know is there is a Kathy Bates/Macaulay Culkin sex scene, and I don’t know why we need that, but we do. Just saying.


I was craving more Sarah Paulson after I finished AHS, so naturally I moved right on to another Ryan Murphy show. This was pretty good. If I had to compare it to AHS, I’d say this is solidly in the middle of my rank list. It didn’t blow me away, but I did enjoy it. But I have to say it is absolutely worth watching for the costumes and the color palette. The costume designer for this show deserves an Emmy. It was fantastic, and so much fun. It was also nice to see some new faces in a Ryan Murphy show, especially Sophie Okenedo, who I am incapable of separating from Hunter from the radio adaptation of Neverwhere. But she was absolutely fantastic in this.

The Good Place

Yes, I watched The Good Place again. For like the tenth time. In my defense, they just put the fourth (and final) season on Netflix. Also, this is my default when I’m having a bad day or just generally feel like crap. Which is kind of a lot now, so I’ve been watching The Good Place a lot. It’s just such a good show. It’s comforting and funny and also the reason I signed up to audit a Harvard philosophy course (which isn’t going great, but only because I don’t feel like doing anything). If you haven’t watched it, now is honestly the perfect time. It makes me feel better about the world and about myself, and also makes me think about how I feel about those things. Also, all four seasons are on Netflix, so you have no excuse. Go watch it.


Again, I have no idea why I decided to watch a political show in 2020, but this is what I’m currently binge-watching. I started Friday (maybe Thursday – I have no sense of time anymore) and am already on season five. Clearly, I am being extremely productive. Honestly, though, it is just giving me something to laugh about so I can ignore the impending dread I have about this election and focus on the hope. If November 3rd doesn’t go our way, I can vomit and cry then. Until that time, I’m honestly just trying to distract myself from thinking about it too much so I don’t scream, and this show is helping.

Sorry I didn’t have a bookish post for today! I’m still not really back into a great reading groove, but I’ll get there. This month, I’m just giving myself a break. For many, many reasons, I haven’t been in a great place mentally, and I’m just embracing whatever feels right to get me to a better headspace. Right now, that is watching a ridiculous amount of TV, and I’m fine with it.

But I’d love to hear what shows you’ve been watching! I’m sure I’ll finish Veep in a day or two and will need something new.

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  1. I’ve been the same for several weeks now .. I think it’s because I decided to start watch a new show too and there are 12 seasons (of 10-13 eps) to get through to be all caught up. So I’ve been doing that instead of reading in down time. But I do go through these phases of where I tend to watch a show more than read and then I flip back.
    I stopped watching AHS after the Witches season, I just couldn’t keep up anymore.

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    1. I think for me part of the problem is I can play games on my switch while I have the shows on in the background, so I tend to just do that. Really hoping I get back into reading soon, though. I’m so behind on everything I wanted to read this year.

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  2. I’ve been most of the same way the last few weeks. I’ve listened to audiobooks of old favorites; but I haven’t read any thing new. I’ve mostly just been watching tv shows and horror movies. I’ve mostly been binge watching The Good Doctor and The Blacklist. I haven’t watched Ratched; but I’ve seen it pop up on Netflix and it seemed interesting enough that I may give it a go after I watch the 100.

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