We made it to October! Which, if you know me, means one thing: spooky books. Because it’s Halloween time and I am very excited to get into the spirit with some creepy reading. I am really hoping this is what it takes to get me back into reading and get me in the fall spirit (because it was literally a hundred degrees here the other day).

This is a pretty ambitious reading list (especially since there are a few other books I want to try and get to this month). But, I just couldn’t help myself. I love spooky reading season! And there were a few new releases I really want to get to. Plus, my SEVENTH annual Stephen King Halloween read! I’ve been looking forward to this for months, and I can’t wait!

Here are the books I really want to read in October:

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix

Even though I love reading more serious spooky books this time of year, I couldn’t pass up throwing this one into my TBR as a fun read. I’ve heard some pretty great things about it, and I think it might be a really fun read for Halloween. Especially since the rest of this list is a bit heavy (literally and metaphorically).

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab

I have been waiting for this book for years. I went to a meet and greet with Victoria Schwab when A Conjuring of Light was released, and she talked about this book. She’d been working on it for years and it wasn’t finished yet. But I knew then I desperately wanted to read it. It’s been three years since then, it’s coming out next week, and you better believe I am fully immersing myself in Addie LaRue the second this book arrives at my house on Tuesday.

A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

I loved both Spinning Silver and Uprooted, so this was an easy addition to my TBR. It’s one of two books on this list I preordered, and I was so excited with this came! I think I’m in the right mood for some dark academia, so this is perfect. Not gonna lie, I kind of have no idea what this is about, but maybe that’ll make it more fun. At least, I hope it does. Because I’m reading this either way.

The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle

I read The Changeling a few years ago and really enjoyed it, but haven’t read anything by Victor LaValle since. But I was looking for a few horror books by authors of color to round out my list, and came across this one. Which is short – perfect since the rest of the books on this list are not – and looks decently creepy. It was also nominated for pretty much every horror and/or science fiction literary award, so I have high hopes for this one.

Fledgling by Octavia Butler

I read my first Octavia Butler book, Kindred, earlier this year and LOVED it! I can tell you right now it’s going to be on my favorites lists this year. It was just so good! I have been wanting to read more of her work, but life has been getting in the way of me reading anything at all, and I honestly couldn’t decide which one to read next. Halloween solved that problem, because I needed more spooky reads to enjoy this month (especially by authors of color) and this one is about a vampire. Clearly, it’s the perfect addition to this list, and I am very excited about it!

The Stand by Stephen King

Yes, I am fully aware that I’m crazy, thank you. My excuse for choosing this as my annual Stephen King Halloween read is that I put a poll on Twitter and you guys voted for this one. So it’s all your fault that I’m reading a twelve-hundred page book this month. Ok, fine, I was already leaning towards The Stand and put up the poll so you could talk me out of it, which clearly backfired. But last year I read IT, so I can totally do this! I got the audiobook, and am planning to listen to it throughout the month. All forty-eight hours of it. Honestly, I have been kind of numb to horror lately (nothing, including the IT movies, scares me anymore) so maybe reading a novel about a pandemic by the master of horror during a pandemic will do it. I’ll keep you updated.

That’s it for my October reading list! I’m very excited about these books. October always feels like a reset in my reading – I can read lots of scary books and just really get back into the groove of things.

What are you planning on reading in October? Anything special for Halloween?

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