We are less than two weeks away from the official start of fall (or autumn for you fancy non-Americans – seriously, though, I wish we said autumn, it sounds so much nicer). Which means it’s time to take a look back at what I read and loved this summer.

To be honest, this summer was not the best in many ways. I was just struggling, and I didn’t read all that much.

If you want to see everything I’ve read so far this year, the links below will take you to my monthly wrap up posts. Otherwise, keep reading for my favorites!


Know My Name by Chanel Miller

I read a pretty decent number of memoirs. But this is by far the best one I have read in a while. Chanel Miller writes so powerfully about her own rape and the aftermath of it, and it completely blew me away. Her strength is so impressive. And her writing is really amazing. I loved this. It was not an easy read, but it was absolutely worth it.

Burn Our Bodies Down by Rory Power

I genuinely don’t understand what goes on in Rory Power’s brain, but it is messed up and amazing and I love it. Wilder Girls was absolutely insane, but oh so good. This book was so very dark, but in the best way. It was also unlike anything I have ever read. I obviously read a lot, and I read a lot of different things. But Rory Power’s books truly stand apart. They’re so unique. I just really loved this, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Stamped from the Beginning: A Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America by Ibram X. Kendi

This year, I have really tried to up my game in reading more diverse literature and (especially) more diverse nonfiction. And I am so glad I picked this one up. It was an amazing read. I learned so much and also realized just how much I have left to learn. After reading this, I have spent a lot of time rethinking some of my ingrained biases. I am truly not exaggerating when I say this was an eye-opening, life-changing read. I know it’s long and nonfiction, but I think this should just be assigned reading for literally everyone.

How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

I read this (and the next book on this list) for the post where I let Buzzfeed decide what I read. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to love it. But somehow, this ended up being like a mashup of two of my favorite books, The Pillars of the Earth and The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August. It was amazing, I loved it. And I already want to read it again.

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

If you know me, you know I sometimes put off reading books. In this case, I put off reading it for about eighteen years. Yes, I am aware this is ridiculous. But whatever. Because I finally read Memoirs of a Geisha and LOVED it. There’s a reason that this book is so popular and well-loved. It’s already one of my favorite books of the year.

That’s it for my summer favorites! Next time I do a post like this, it will be the end of 2020, and I’ll be looking back on everything I read this year. Which should be interesting, because this year has been an insane rollercoaster, and it has definitely affected my reading.

What were your favorite reads of this summer?

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      1. That’s a really good point you made. There have been a few books this year I’ve put off for ages and I feel like I enjoyed them more because of that.

        I’ll add it to my tbr! 🙂

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