I have absolutely no idea how it is September. I think I have lost all sense of time this year. Everything is blending together and my brain is very tired. Which may partially explain why my reading got so very off track this year. So, to help get me back on track, I decided to add some extra motivation in the form of a readathon! The Dare-to-Dreamathon is a month-long readathon all about Disney – you can get more info here.

I am joining the team of one of my favorite sidekicks: Pascal. Here is what I’m planning on reading this month, and the challenges I’ll be completing for each book:

Carry by Toni Jensen

I already started this one, which is a memoir about what it means to be an indigenous woman, told in snapshots of the author’s experiences with gun violence. So far, I am really enjoying it. I have been trying to read more books by authors (especially women) of color this year, but can’t remember the last time I read a book by an indigenous author. It’s been a while. Clearly, I need to fix that. And I’m excited to pick this one up. This one will be fulfilling the challenge of reading a book with a one-word title (Tangled).

Simmer Down by Sarah Smith

This is a romance involving competing food trucks, and I just feel like it’s the perfect book to finish off the summer. I will probably be reading it this weekend when it is 100-plus degrees here in Southern California and I am trying not to melt. Anyway, it sounds fun. Hopefully it’s good, because I am definitely in the market for some new diverse romance. It sounds like a great book to complete the challenge to read a book featuring an enemies-to-lovers trope (Rapunzel & Flynn).

Rules of Civility by Amor Towles

I absolutely loved A Gentleman in Moscow when I read it last year. This is on my reading list for 2020, and since we are already in September (again, how?) I figured I should really be more on top of reading some of those books. Because this year is not going great (for several reasons), but I can at least control my reading. Kind of. Anyway, this is for the challenge to read a book that contains a power hungry character (Mother Gothel).

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

Oh look, a book I meant to read a full month ago and didn’t. Anyway, I do really want to read this – I’ve heard great things. I just need to be much more on top of reading the books I want to read this year. Plus, if you have seen the cover, you know this is the perfect book to read for the next challenge, which is to read a book with a colorful cover (Pascal).

Frenchman’s Creek by Daphne du Maurier

This is another book on my 2020 reading list, that I wasn’t planning on reading quite yet. However, there was one readathon challenge left and I was having a lot of trouble finding a book I wanted to read that fit. I have a lot of other books I want to get to this month, so I wasn’t really looking to pick up a huge fantasy novel. And there just aren’t a lot of books that have weapons on the cover. But the edition I have of this book does! So I’m just reading it earlier than planned (hopefully). Obviously, this will be fulfilling the challenge of a book with a weapon on the cover (Frying Pan).

That’s it for this post! I have my fingers crossed that September will be a good reading month, because I really need to step it up if I’m going to finish what I want to finish this year.

What are you planning on reading in September? And are you participating in the Dare-to-Dreamathon?

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