August is over, and I’m pretty happy about it. This wasn’t the best month. Nothing terrible happened, but I’m just still struggling a lot with my mental health. Working on things, they’re just taking longer than I would have liked. I also just really, genuinely, hate summer. So I’m glad that it’s almost over. Wow, this was a pretty depressing intro. Sorry.

But really, August wasn’t my best month for a lot of reasons. I am so very behind on my planned reading, and I didn’t read as much as I’d wanted to. But let’s talk about what I did read this month.

What I Read

The Overstory by Richard Powers – ★★★★☆

I read this (and the net two books on this list) for my newest “reading experiment” post, in which I read celebrities’ Instagram book picks. This is one I’d been meaning to read anyway – it was actually one of my five-star predictions for this year. Clearly, it wasn’t a five-star read, but I did enjoy it. I absolutely loved the beginning of this book, but then it took a turn that I didn’t particularly like. Still, worth reading.

Fates & Furies by Lauren Groff – ★★★★☆

This has been sitting on my shelves for maybe six years. I finally read it this month, and was pretty impressed. I’m not sure what I was expecting from this book – I think it’s just been so long since I’ve read the synopsis that I didn’t remember any of it – but it was an impactful story. I really enjoyed this novel, but I am honestly glad I waited until I was in my thirties to read it.

The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis – ★★★☆☆

Another book that’s been on my shelves for a while (though not as long as Fates & Furies). This one, I kind of had a vague impression of going in, but it ended up not being what I thought it would be. Still, I think this is a good book, and a valuable one to read. It reminded me a lot of Homegoing, which is one of my favorite books. I just didn’t click with this one quite as much.

A Rogue of One’s Own by Evie Dunmore – ★★★★☆

This is the second book in The League of Extraordinary Women series, and I just adored it. This series is so fun (and steamy), but also awesomely feminist. Mary Wollstonecraft would be proud.

Know the Beginning Well by K. Y. Amoako – ★★★★☆

Once in a while I am contacted about a book that I have never heard of. This is one of those instances. This is about Africa’s economic development over the past few decades. It read more like a memoir, which made it easier to read for me (Econ was never my strongest subject). I’m actually planning on doing a full post around this book soon, because I think it’s an important read.

What I’m Currently Reading

Grant by Ron Chernow

I have a strange relationship with this book. My brain is convinced that I’m not excited to pick this up (because it’s a thousand-plus page biography), so I have been really bad at picking it back up each time. But, when I do, I love it and can’t put it down. The point is, it’s taking me a long time to get through this, even though it’s a brilliant book, because my brain is irrational and I’m very tired. I’m listening to the audiobook, but even that is forty-eight hours long (two days!), so it might be a while. But I will do it! Because I am guessing this will end up being five stars. And also, I need to finish it to publish the reading experiment post that was supposed to be up last week.

What I Watched

It: Chapter One and It: Chapter Two

I read It last year and loved it. But I was honestly disappointed that it didn’t scare me. It’s freaking It. It’s like the benchmark for horror. But okay, fine, maybe I have just read too much Stephen King. Anticipating nightmares, I put off watching the movies. I thought, “okay, maybe the book didn’t scare me so much, but the visual format of the movie might terrify me more (like it’s supposed to).” But no. I am dead inside. My friend pointed out that it’s probably because real life is scarier right now, which is fair. I still really loved both movies. I thought they were pretty good adaptations and fun to watch. But I wasn’t scared. I think something is wrong with me.

An American Pickle

This is the new Seth Rogen movie in which he plays both a turn-of-the-century man who falls into a vat of pickles and is discovered decades later and his great-grandson. Super weird premise, yes. But I really enjoyed it. It was a nice mix of quirky fun and family drama.

What We Do in the Shadows (the TV show)

My cousin recommended this, and it took me a bit to get into. But I ended up loving it! It’s such a fun series and I’m kind of sad we have to wait for more now.

What I Did

Start my Apartment Search

This has been… a rollercoaster. Long story short, it’s extremely difficult to find an apartment in my price range that will fit my books and isn’t super far from my job. As I’m writing this, I’m waiting to hear back on a condo that is PERFECT, so keep your fingers crossed for me! Hopefully by the end of this year, I will be sitting in front of my new, beautiful bookshelves with a a cup of tea in my new place.

Blog Highlights

I feel like I published a lot of cool posts this month, which is maybe why I didn’t read all that much. But here are a few I’m most proud of:

How Blogging Has Changed My Reading Habits (Good & Bad)

I was honestly surprised by how popular this post was! I’m so glad you all loved it. So, I guess if you missed it, go check it out!

I Read Celebs’ Instagram Book Picks

This is my newest reading experiment post in which I scoured Instagram to see what some of my favorite celebrities were reading… and then read those books. It was a very random idea, but I think the results were pretty interesting. More importantly, it was really fun to do!

Why Listening to Audiobooks Absolutely Counts as Reading

If you don’t think audiobooks count as reading… go read this post to see why you’re wrong and your opinion is hurtful.

I Read a Genre I Avoided for Years… And Loved It

I spent most of my life avoiding one very specific genre, mostly because of the covers. Go check out this post if you want to see what that was (and which books changed my mind).

That’s it for August! I hope you all had a great month. Let me know what you read in August! Did you read anything fun? Are there any new releases from this month that should be on my radar?

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  1. You are not alone in enjoying reading horror but not finding it scary, I’ve also -somewhat infamously- fallen asleep in almost all of the horror films I’ve seen so you’re doing better than me! You might be on to something there with realty being scarier….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Turns out that condo was a scam (pretty sure), so I’m looking into other options, but I’ve found a few possibilities.

      And I hope you enjoy What We Do in the Shadows! It takes a bit to get into, but it’s hilarious, especially if you like dark humor.


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