If you have ever thought that my wrap ups were way too long, then you are in for a treat this month! Because I went through a MASSIVE reading slump and only read three books. I’m not happy about it, but it is what it is. I definitely feel like I’m going to try and make up for it in August, so hopefully that wrap up is a bit more exciting.

What I Read

Will I Ever Be Good Enough? by Karyl McBride – ★★★★

I actually wrote a whole post about this book, because it is nothing like any book I have ever talked about on this blog before. A big cause of my reading slump this month was that I wasn’t in a great place with my mental health. I have struggled for a long time with issues caused by having a narcissistic mother, which is what this book talks about. It definitely helped me, and I’m in a much better place. If you want more details, click the link above and go check out that post.

Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop by Roselle Lim – ★★★☆☆

Pretty sure in my review of this one I said it wasn’t that memorable. Which turned out to be true, because I finished it less than a week ago and still had to look on Goodreads to remember what I read. I literally only remembered that it had a blue cover. Not promising. It wasn’t bad, but it just didn’t do anything for me.

The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy – ★★☆☆☆.

When I am in a book slump, I usually try either romance or thrillers because they’re fun, quick reads. This was on my list for the secret TBR post that was supposed to happen this month (it’s coming soon!), so I figured it might help. But I seriously struggled through this book. I should not be bored by a thriller. That is literally the opposite of what a thriller should make me feel.

What I’m Currently Reading

The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel

I had to put some of my fun reading on hold, so I still haven’t finished this one. It’s happening in August, though. It has to.

A Rogue of Ones Own by Evie Dunmore

Since the thriller approach to my book slump completely bombed, it was time for romance! I have a review copy of this one, so it was perfect. I also really loved the first book in this series, Bringing Down the Duke, so I have high hopes. Literally started this one just last night, so hopefully I finish it in the next day or two.

What I Watched

You would think that, because I didn’t read much, I watched a lot of cool things. But you would be wrong. I mostly just watched dumb videos on YouTube. But I did watch…


Which should shock no one. I actually saw this live almost three years ago, and it was amazing. But I was so happy that we got to see the original cast, because they are so good. I had a virtual Hamilton party with the cousins who I went to see it with the first time, and it was so much fun.

What I Did

Decided I’m Done Writing Book Reviews

For such a long time, I thought I had to write book reviews because I have a book blog. But I really don’t enjoy writing them 99% of the time. And I hate feeling pressure to do that. After going over my blog stats (and doing a Twitter poll), I have realized that they’re not really your favorite posts either. So I’m going to start just doing all the fun blog posts. All my reviews might be going away soon(ish). And I’m pretty happy with the direction this blog is taking. Feels like it might be less stressful and more fun. I’m still going to be talking about individual books, but it won’t be dedicated reviews to just one book. It’s going to be a little different.

Blog Highlights

So Your Favorite Author is Problematic… Now What?

In the past year or two, I have become more mindful about what I’m reading and who I’m supporting on this blog. And I think it’s something we should all think about. Because, like it or not, you are supporting authors by reading, buying, and talking about their books. I don’t specifically talk about she-who-must-not-be-named, but I have been thinking about writing a whole post about that for a long while now. It seems like something you guys want, so I’m working on it and it is coming soon.

That’s it for July! Hopefully this post wasn’t too boring.

Since I’m working on revamping my blog a little bit, let me know in the comments what you’d like to see from me. Any specific posts you think I should write? New secret TBR ideas? Any books you think I should read? I love hearing from you, so leave your thoughts in the comments!

7 thoughts

  1. It’s interesting that in your case reading 3 books in a month is considered a “MASSIVE reading slump” – when I manage to read 2 books per month I see it as a huge success! 🙂

    I am aware that it depends a lot on the available time / workload / energy, background, reading speed, types of books, and other factors, however it is so fascinating how we human beings perceive differently our realities.

    Good luck with t he revamping of the blog! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I didn’t read anything for like three weeks. And then one of the books I read was partially therapy to deal with the cause of my reading slump. And I had to force myself through the other two for blogging deadlines. So I know it’s not a terrible month, but it felt like it.

      I also know I read a ton (my wrap ups average probably 9ish books). But it’s because I have no life and read super fast (I also listen to audiobooks while I work most months), so whatever anyone else reads in a month is 100% okay. I never want to make anyone feel bad. Your 2 books are absolutely a success!

      Thanks! I think it’s going well so far, and I’m pretty excited!

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    1. Thank you! It just felt like books like this seem so stigmatized. Society is so focused on never criticizing mothers, and that caused me a lot of damage. Part of my healing process is being open and telling the truth. I hope that if there is anyone else out there going through this (or something similar), I was able to help them by writing that post.

      I am so grateful for you and this entire community for giving me a space to be honest without fear. I genuinely think that has helped me more than anything.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree that books like this are so stigmatized! Narcissistic/emotional abuse is way more common than I realized – but it seems like most families give it a pass when parents treat their kids this way, almost like it’s a normal parenting technique. But I really believe that when people (like you) start speaking up about it, it helps change people’s minds. I’m really glad you’re able to speak your truth and heal some of the pain ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks so much! I totally agree. I think parents get way too much of a pass because parenting is “so hard”. (I was a nanny for three years, and yes, it’s really freaking hard – more so for an actual parent – but that’s no excuse to take it out on your kids.) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told “that’s just the way she is” or “I’m trying my best”. Still doesn’t make it okay. Now that I’m being more open about it, I’m realizing how common that is. I’m glad I got to the point where I’m not afraid to speak up.

          I think a big part of the problem is that having kids is so expected. I have always felt my mom had kids because that’s just what you do: get married, have kids. Not because she actually wanted kids or was capable of raising them. I’ve been more open about not wanting any kids myself and that shocks people. I wish more people would stop giving into the pressure if it’s not right for them.

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