Are we sure June is over? I know this year has been… I can’t even think of a good word, but you know what I mean. But I still don’t understand how we can possibly be halfway though 2020. Also that I have spend an entire quarter of the year not leaving the house.

Anyway, June was a pretty okay reading month. I did struggle a lot with getting the motivation to read. But the books I did read were all four- or five-star books. So I don’t feel great about it, because of how I felt throughout the month, but it was still pretty well.

And looking back, I realized that I ended up reviewing every single book I read this month. Individual reviews are all linked below, and all the other books were reviewed in the post where I let Buzzfeed decide which books I read. So go check that out if you missed any of them!

What I Read

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo – ★★★★☆

This is a young adult novel told in verse. I listened to the audiobook, which I thought was the perfect format because it feels like that is how this book was meant to be experienced. The story just wasn’t really my thing, so I didn’t love it, but I can see why so many other people do.

Burn Our Bodies Down by Rory Power – ★★★★★

After loving Wilder Girls last year, I had to read this the second it came out. Well, before it came out, since it won’t be released until next week. Either way, this was awesome and creepy and wonderful. I already want to read it again. (I just recommended it to my thirteen-year-old cousin, who also loved Wilder Girls, and I’m pretty sure she screamed.)

It is Wood, It is Stone by Gabriella Burnham – ★★★★☆

I want to try to spotlight more authors of color on this blog, so I picked up this debut by a Brazilian-American author. And it was really beautifully written. The story was interesting. But I had to take away a star because the characters just didn’t fo it for me. Still a great book, though!

Sin Eater by Megan Campisi – ★★★★☆

I had not heard of this one at all until Buzzfeed made me read it. And I am so glad I ended up reading this one! It’s a new release that is completely up my alley. It’s an alternate Tudor history, with a main character who is a sin eater. I loved it!

Mexican Gothic by Silva Moreno-Garcia – ★★★★☆

I can’t think of a single other book with a more perfect title. Because this was so much like the classic gothic novels that I love so much. Creepy and a little bit weird. I really, really, enjoyed this one.

Stamped from the Beginning: A Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America by Ibram X. Kendi – ★★★★★

This was actually on my June reading list – for a future reading experiment post that we won’t talk about for another month or so – but it worked out perfectly. I was feeling the need to educate myself more on racism in America, so I can better fight against it. And I learned SO MUCH from this book. Highly recommend it!

How to Stop Time by Matt Haig – ★★★★★

This was nowhere near the top of my TBR. But it came up in a Buzzfeed quiz. And I am so glad it did, because I loved this so much. It honestly felt like a mashup of two of my all-time favorite books: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August and The Pillars of the Earth.

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden – ★★★★★

I put off reading this book for at least a decade. I am pretty sure my aunt recommended this to me when I was maybe thirteen. Which was eighteen years a long time ago. Honestly, I am kind of glad I did because I don’t think I would have loved this quite as much as thirteen as I did at thirty-one. It is easily one of my favorite books of the year already.

What I’m Currently Reading

The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel

I had to put this on hold for a bit to finish a bunch of books for blog posts and whatnot. I was kind of feeling slumpy this month, so I didn’t want to push it. But I am enjoying it, and I will finish it soon!

What I Watched

I watched a lot of things this month, so I’m just going with the highlights (otherwise this post will be way too long).


I watched this at least two weeks ago, and my brain is still going “WTF did I just watch?” Honestly, I kind of liked it. It was insane. But I liked it. Let me know in the comments – what did you think Us was about? People seem to disagree.


I finally watched this, so I can definitively say that it was better than the book. The book was good, but it was a little bit boring. I get that it’s nonfiction, but even though it was a very interesting story, nothing really exciting happened. The movie improved on that just a little bit. I really liked it.

Space Force (Netflix)

You all know I had to watch this. Because the real Space Force is stupid (unless Buzz Lightyear can be a commander, then I will accept it), and also it stars Steve Carrell. It’s weird and funny, and pretty much exactly what you would expect. It ended on a cliffhanger, and I need season two please.

Central Park (Apple TV+)

If you look at the cast list, you will know why I had to watch this. It’s basically Hamilton meets Frozen. Plus Stanley Tucci and Tituss Burgess. And they sing. It’s just so much fun.

Blog Highlights

I Let Buzzfeed Decide Which Books I Read

That’s exactly what it sounds like. I took five Buzzfeed book quizzes and then read all five books. Because there is no way those things could be totally accurate, right? (I was having major issues with WordPress when this post went up, so if you missed it, please go check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments – or with the like button. I am planning more posts like this and truly value your feedback. Thanks!)

That’s it for June! What was your favorite book this month?

9 thoughts

  1. One of my best friends has read Memoirs of a Geisha several times. It’s one of her absolute favorite books.
    I’m reading a few books right now…well…reading and listening. The Perfect Husband is getting interesting. It’s non-fiction, about Chris Watts, the man who murdered his family in 2018. 😔


    1. OOOOH I need that! I love true crime, and definitely followed that story for a while. I didn’t know there was already a book! Adding to my TBR now. Thanks!


      1. I used to read so much true crime! I wanted to get into the human mind to see what possessed people to do such heinous things to other human beings. Scary thing is some are actually very ordinary people until something causes them to snap. 🤦🏽‍♀️
        I followed the Chris Watts story myself. I think the book releases in July. I was fortunate enough to get an advance audiobook copy. 😊


        1. Yup, looks like it’s out at the end of the month! Will definitely be adding it to my nonfiction TBR this year.

          It’s been a while since I’ve read true crime – definitely need to get back into it. I just finished watching the first episode of I’ll Be Gone in the Dark (HBO adapted the book) and it’s really interesting. I loved that one!

          If you’re looking for new true crime, there is one I recommend all the time because no one’s heard of it – Man Eater by Ryan Green. It’s about Katherine Knight who was one of the worst murderers I’ve ever heard of. The book wasn’t my favorite, but the story is 100% worth reading.


  2. I just watched US a few days ago. When the red lady was telling us about the red people I think she said the government created the “shadow people” and were planning to use them to control us? But it didn’t work out? So the shadow people were just left in limbo in tunnels under the street? And now they’ve come to the surface to come out of the shadows, kill their human counterparts so that they can enjoy life for a change? It was very odd. I liked his other one better…Get Out.


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