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Last year, I read and loved Rory Power’s debut novel, Wilder Girls. So when I saw that her second book was being released this summer, you know I had to jump on it. I’m pretty sure I did a little happy dance when I got approved for an early copy. Honestly I didn’t even really know what it was about, I just knew I needed to read it.

What It’s About

Margot has only ever known a family that consisted about her and her mother. Her mother has never answered any questions about where they came from. But Margot wants a family. Clues lead her to a town called Phalene. And to her grandmother.

When Margot gets to Phalene, what she finds isn’t exactly what she was expecting. There is something wrong with her family tree, and Margot wants to know what it is. She wants to know what made her mother leave in the first place.


If you have read Wilder Girls, you know just how weird Rory Powers’s books can be. For most of this book, I wasn’t quite sure if we were getting the same bizarre, sci-fi element. It read just like a really great thriller. It was creepy, but not scary. And there was definitely enough mystery to make me want to keep reading. But the twist at the end was something I never saw coming. And it screams Rory Power – I think strange sci-fi is her calling.

I loved this book. I really enjoy Rory Powers’s writing. Both Burn Down Our Bodies and Wilder Girls were so interesting and easy to read. I am absolutely blown away by her imagination. Honestly, I don’t think I could have thought of this plot in a million years. Her stories are so unique. I really can’t think of anything else like her books.

This is a difficult book to review, because I really think you should go into it not knowing much. The surprises along the way are one-hundred percent worth experiencing on your own. Just know that I absolutely loved it! And it is just as good as Wilder Girls. If you like fiction that is a little bit weird or mysterious, read Burn Our Bodies Down. Because it is amazing!

Small update: I totally forgot to include that this book has a lesbian (possibly bi) main character! I love stories where LGBT characters just exist and are not a plot point. There is also very little romance in the story. Really important to note for those of you trying to read more diverse books this year!


★★★★★ – I loved Burn Our Bodies Down! I think this definitely guarantees Rory Power a spot on my auto-buy author list. I honestly can’t wait for her next book, because I know it’ll be unlike anything I’ve ever read. If you liked Wilder Girls, you definitely need to read this. And if you like thrillers with a little bit of a sci-fi/supernatural element, like maybe Sarah Pinborough’s Behind Her Eyes, I think you will really enjoy this one.

Burn Our Bodies Down will be in bookstores on July 7. You can order (or preorder) a copy on Amazon or Book Depository now!

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  1. Awesome that you enjoyed this one too! I agree that it will be a much more interesting experience if readers go into it not knowing a lot. Because of this book, I know I def need to read Wilder Girls now too! And I cannot wait for her future books!

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