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Book Review

This month, I am participating in the OWL Magical Readathon. And one of the prompts is to read a book with a heart on the cover or in the title. And while I’m not opposed to reading romance, I’m really not a fan of hearts. So I decided to go with the most un-cutesy book I could find with a heart on the cover: Undead Girl Gang.

(All reviews are spoiler-free unless otherwise noted.)


Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson

Undead Girl Gang has been on my radar for a while. It’s not something I normally would pick up. But my brain kept grouping this together with two other dark, contemporary YA novels I loved: Sadie and Wilder Girls. Turns out, that was a pretty good instinct. This book isn’t really like anything I’ve ever read, which made it that much more fun to read, but one thing it did remind me of (a little bit) is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They just had the same vibe, and it’s one I’m definitely on board for.

I actually listened to this audiobook, and finished pretty much all of it in a single day (which is apparently a thing I do now). The story was just so much fun. It wasn’t quite as dark or compelling as say, Wilder Girls, but I liked that it had a little bit of a lighter side. It was still pretty dark, but had enough humor to even things out.

As a thirty-year-old, one thing I tend to struggle with in YA books is younger characters that annoy me. I was pretty impressed with the characters in this book because they did feel authentically seventeen, but I didn’t feel the need to yell at them for their bad decisions. Which is kind of rare. And I really appreciated it.

This book had so many great things going for it: the characters, the story, the diversity, the magical elements, and the mystery. More often than not, I figure out the mystery before it’s revealed, and it’s just kind of disappointing. But I didn’t with this book, so it’ definitely gets another point from me there. Really, it was just a fun, dark read. And I’m glad I gave it a shot.


★★★★☆ – Undead Girl Gang is probably more like a 4.5-star read (but there are no half-star symbols). It was great! Maybe not my favorite YA book, but definitely one of the best I’ve read lately. Would definitely recommend it if you haven’t read it already, especially if you liked Wilder Girls or Buffy.

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