New Year, New Blog (Kinda)

New Year, New Blog

I have been blogging here at Adventures of a Bibliophile for five years now. (I know, I can’t believe it, either.) It’s been a long journey from having almost no idea what I was doing and being totally new to the world of book blogging to where I am now. I’m really proud of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown my blog. That said, it’s time for some changes around here.

You might have already noticed a few of the changes I’ve already made. First of all, I have reduced the number of book reviews I write to just one a week. Book reviews are generally not something I really enjoy writing, and it was putting way too much pressure on me to finish multiple books a week in order to have two reviews ready (most of which were done in a rush, at the last minute). So far, this has actually made a HUGE difference for me. I feel more relaxed in my reading, and I love it. I am considering reducing my reviews even further – just publishing them when I have a book I’ve committed to reviewing or one I feel excited to review and share with you. Let me know what you think: are book reviews a big reason you read this blog, or could you stand to have fewer of them?

Second, I’ve been working on posts that might take me a bit longer to put together – like Reading the Lowest Rated Books on My TBR – and I think that’s a LOT more fun. I want to put out more original and fun content going forward, and I’m excited to work on more posts like this in the future. If you like posts like that one or have ideas for more, leave them in the comments!

I will likely also be cutting out my monthly book hauls. I know – WHAT? These are some of my most popular posts. But, this year, I’m going to try something new: I’m going to buy fewer books AND publish hauls when I feel like they’re justified. Because reading a haul of four books is so much less exciting than reading a haul of forty books (which I have actually done before, don’t judge me). I think this will make space for more fun posts AND get me in the habit of only buying books I’m really excited about, and excited to share with you.

While I do really enjoy posting five times a week, I’m considering cutting that number down (maybe a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, plus weekly wrap ups). I do want to put out more exciting content, which takes more time to create. And my life outside of reading and blogging has gotten a bit lot busier, so I want to find a good balance. I literally finished my Favorite 2019 Releases post on my phone at a party because it HAD to be scheduled by midnight. Which probably isn’t healthy. So I want to get better at both planning ahead AND giving myself a break when something else comes up. It is never the end of the world when a blog posts about books goes up later than I planned. I think my blog will improve with putting quality over quantity.

And finally, the biggest upcoming change: I am currently in the process of transferring my blog to a self-hosted WordPress site. Hopefully (if I do this right) there won’t be too much of a difference for you. It might be a while before the change actually happens – there have been some hiccups and I’m trying to have the move be as smooth as possible for all of you – but it is coming soon. Everything should stay pretty much the same on your end – I will still be at, all my posts and pages (and even your comments) are being moved over, and you’ll still be able to follow my blog the exact same way you already are. However, I will also be cleaning up the blog, so some older posts might be deleted, graphics might be updated, and (because I can’t find my current theme, which I love) the blog will look different. But I will also have a lot more control over my content and the blog itself, which I spent five years creating. So I think this will be a good change. I will of course let you know once the move is complete. UPDATE: I tried this and absolutely hated it. I had a hard time using WordPress with a self-hosted site (it wasn’t awful, but it was not as easy). I felt like my readers were missing my posts, even though I was promised they would still show up in the WordPress reader. The like button wasn’t the same, and was confusing, and I value the likes because it helps me gauge what you want to see on my blog and what I should publish more of. Oh, and Google wouldn’t let me put ANY ads on my site (I’ll admit that making some money from all this work was one reason for the switch) because I copied my entire site over to the new one, so it got flagged as reposting someone else’s work. All in all, it was just a terrible experience. Do not recommend transferring your site. Do your research and start out with the option you think is best for you. I’m glad I tried it, but I’m also very glad to be back home.

I hope these changes will make Adventures of a Bibliophile for both me and for all of you. I think it’s a step forward to growing this blog into what I’d like it to be.

I’d love to hear if you have any thoughts on these upcoming changes. Is there anything you’d like to see changed? Is there anything you’d love to see from this blog?

9 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog (Kinda)

  1. All of your thoughts and suggestions for how to move forward with the blog seem very reasonable to me. You might discover a slight dip in stats in the beginning, but it makes so much more sense to only post reviews and hauls when you feel like you have something to say or share. Also, you wanting to make more original content is so cool! I am sure people would love to read about those things, because they aren’t already everywhere out there.
    I can’t tell if the move has already happened haha but I hope everything is going or went well with that!

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    1. Thanks! It hasn’t happened quite yet (but maybe in the next week or so). I’m hoping it won’t affect things to much because if everything goes according to plan, the change won’t be too noticeable from the point of view of my readers. But either way, I think it’s going to be worth it. I’ll definitely keep you updated!

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  2. Excellent post and for the time you’ve been blogging, have done extremely well. I can so identify as I started with no clear clue what I was doing or what direction to take and growing has been a long, slow process. I’m also feeling the pinch of my currently imposed schedule and trying hard to formulate a better plan going forward. Obviously, if I’m scrambling to get something finished up, it’s not a good thing. My question for you is, why the decision to go self-hosted?

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    1. The decision to go self-hosted is mostly because I’ll have more control over my content and the appearance of my blog. I do actually pay for my blog to get some features, and will end up getting a lot more for the same amount as a self-hosted site. I think down the line, I’ll have more freedom to grow.

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  3. Sounds like fun changes! I honestly read anything you post haha though I will say original and fun post concepts are more intriguing. I’m definitely trying to do more of that.
    Good luck and can’t wait!

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