It’s a tradition here on Adventures of a Bibliophile on the last day of the year to share my reading stats for the entire year. And this is definitely the year I regret reading so many books because this took me nearly SEVEN HOURS (partly because I couldn’t decide on the color scheme, but still). I’m really happy with how this turned out, and I’m excited to be sharing my reading stats for the fourth year in a row.

This year, I read… wait for it… one-hundred and seventy-two books! Which is by far the most books I have ever reading a single year. I honestly don’t know how I did it and it will probably never happen again. The total number of pages I read was a little over 62,000. The shortest book I read was Randomize by Andy Weir at 28 pages and the longest was It by Stephen King, clocking in at 1,152 pages.

Keep scrolling to see how my reading year panned out:

2019 Reading Stats

Things That Surprised Me:

I was honestly pretty surprised that fantasy was my most-read genre, and that memoirs were third. Also, I knew I read a lot more romance than usual, but I was not expecting that number to be more than sci-fi.

Things I’m Happy About:

I’m really happy that I met my goal of reading 25% fiction this year! It was close, but I did it! I’m also really happy that I was able to reread so many favorites (even though it was mostly Harry Potter). And I did read quite bit more diverse reads than last year, which was another goal of mine.

I was pleasantly surprised by how widely I read this year. I actually had to consolidate the genres a bit to get them all to fit here. I read things that are out of my comfort zone – like self-help and manga – and read quite a bit in the genres I really love, like historical fiction.

I’m also really happy with how many authors I read for the first time this year. I definitely discovered quite a few I plan on reading more of in the future.

Things I’d Like to Work On:

I would like to focus more on the things I like to read, especially nonfiction genres like science or history. I would also like to read books from more countries next year. I’m happy with how well I did in that area in 2019, but I think I can do better.

What are some reading accomplishments you’re proud of this year? What would you like to work on in 2020?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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