This year, I read a lot of new-to-me authors. According to my current reading stats, that number is over one-hundred, which is crazy, and far more than the authors I read this year and have read previously. Obviously, I can’t talk about all one-hundred plus (because this post would be unreasonably long and take me forever), so I’m just going to discuss the authors I read for the first time this year and really loved. Not all of them are new authors (some of them have been publishing books for years), but they are new to me. And there are a lot of them, so let’s jump right in!

Casey McQuiston

I have to start with Casey McQuiston because not only am I a little bit obsessed with Red, White & Royal Blue, I got to meet her this year! And also hear about her sophomore novel (coming soon-ish), which I need. Like right now. Because it sounds amazing. I love her, she writes such fun stories and is a truly lovely person.

Rory Power

Wilder Girls was actually a recommendation from Casey McQuiston, and – surprise! – I ended up loving it. It is one of the weirdest novels I have ever read but it was fantastic. My thirteen-year-old cousin also loved it, so you know it’s good if thirteen- and thirty-year-olds (who rarely read YA) are both obsessed. I cannot wait to read more Rory Power (and already requested an ARC of her next book, because I actually cannot wait).

Miranda Asebedo

“I don’t really read YA” might be my famous last words, because I also loved A Constellation of Roses. Its contemporary YA with just enough magical realism to make it special. I loved Miranda Asebedo’s writing, and definitely want to read more.

Caitlin Doughty

This year, I not only read one Caitlin Doughty book, I read two. I loved Smoke Gets in Your Eyes so much, I immediately moved on to Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? and I loved that one, too. I might add another Doughty book to my 2020 reading list.

Kristin Hannah

The Nightingale was one of my five-star predictions this year and that prediction was definitely correct. I really enjoyed this book, and I loved Kristin Hannah’s writing. I was so sure I would love The Nightingale that I actually already bought a copy of The Great Alone and I am definitely looking forward to reading that soon.

Kim Liggett

Yet another YA book I loved this year: The Grace Year by Kim Ligget. It’s basically The Hunger Games + The Handmaid’s Tale and it’s amazing. I truly enjoyed Kim Liggett’s writing, and am looking forward to reading more from her.

Rachel Winters

Rachel Winters wrote one of my favorite romance novels of the year: Would Like to Meet. She is so great at writing engaging characters. Would definitely read again!

Jen de Luca

Another romance author I discovered this year (when I couldn’t stop reading romance novels). I loved Well Met, it just spoke to my Pride and Prejudice and Shakespeare-loving heart. It looks like there’s a Well Met sequel coming next year, and I can’t wait!

Christina Lauren

This is actually a romance-writing duo. And clearly I enjoy their writing because I’ve read THREE of their books this year! I’m definitely a fan. Will read again!

Jennifer Wright

Jennifer Wright is so talented she had me laughing out loud. While reading a book about history’s worst plagues. I’m not kidding. I already have another book of hers on my TBR, this one about history’s worst breakups.

Ken Follett

I never thought I would love a thousand-page historical novel about a cathedral. But Ken Follett did some kind of magic, because that’s exactly what happened. I already have three more of his books on my shelves, and can’t wait to read more.

Yangsze Choo

I discovered Yangze Choo early this year when I got an ARC of The Night Tiger, which I ended up rating five stars. I loved it. And then I immediately went out and bought The Ghost Bride. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s definitely on my list for next year.

Amor Towles

This year, I read A Gentleman in Moscow and fell in love with it. It’s such a great book, and it made me want to read everything else by Amor Towles. (I actually did end up reading a short story he wrote for a Amazon sci-fi collection, which was really interesting.)

Lisa Lutz

I know Lisa Lutz has been popular for years, but I didn’t pick up any of her books until The Swallows. Which I loved. It’s clever and thrilling and dark and it definitely piqued my interest in Lisa Lutz’s writing.

I did read a lot of other great authors this year, but I just wanted to talk about my favorites. These are all authors I will definitely read again (and some I already have). I’m always glad to discover new authors that I enjoy reading, so I think this year was a win!

Have you discovered any new authors this year? Are there any you think I should check out?

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    1. I love Diane Setterfield! And I really need to read some Hilary Mantel soon. Good to hear the audiobook of Rules of Civility is good – I might go that route since I loved the audiobook of A Gentleman in Moscow.


  1. Thanks for sharing your list- I’ve been searching for a new romance author so maybe Christina Lauren or Jen de Luca would be perfect! Thanks for sharing your list:)

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    1. You’re welcome! I’d also definitely recommend Rachel Winters (especially if you’re looking for a book that takes place during the holidays, but isn’t too Christmassy). Christina Lauren has a lot out there to choose from, but so far my favorite is definitely The Unhoneymooners.


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