September Book Haul

Book Haul

September was kind of a crazy month. Which means I didn’t end up buying all that many books. It’s probably a good thing since my book shelves piles are getting pretty out of hand. But I did still add four books to my library, one of which I already read, and two that are on my October Reading List. Here are the books I bought in September:

The Chestnut Man by Søren Sveistrup. This was my Book of the Month pick for September, and I am very excited to read it – it’s even on my reading list for October, so hopefully I can get to it in the next few weeks, because I have a very big reading plans for Halloween, which involve the next book on my list.

It by Stephen King. That’s right. I am planning on making It my annual Halloween read this year. I did kind of sort of read it when I was eleven, but that doesn’t really count (I should NOT have read this when I was that age, and I think I blocked everything out). I picked up a giant paperback copy – seriously, that thing is the size of my head – and I will (hopefully) be reading it this month.

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood. It’s The Handmaid’s Tale sequel, so obviously I have to read it. Honestly, I kind of feel like I’m not going to love this, but I can’t not read it, right? I’m hoping to get to it this year, but I’m not all that excited to pick it up at the moment.

Well Met by Jen de Luca. I’ve been reading quite a bit of romance this year (especially for someone who says they don’t read romance), and this one just sounded right up my alley. There is a renaissance faire and Shakespeare references and an uptight Mr. Darcy-type love interest. I did already read this one, and I really enjoyed it. If you like romance, I’d definitely recommend it.

That’s it for September! I know, who even am I if I only buy four books in a month? But you can blame me being busy and booking a trip to Prague (and now needing to buy new clothes because this Southern California native does NOT have appropriate clothing for February in Eastern Europe). Worth it, though.

What books did you buy in September? Is there anything I should have picked up and missed? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “September Book Haul

  1. I’m so torn about the Testament. The Handmaid’s tale is fantastic but I just don’t think it needs a sequel… I’ll probably pick it up at some point thought.

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