March Audiobook of the Month – A Short Story with a Big Lesson

This month’s Audiobook of the Month is a little something different, because I’m featuring a short story! I listened to Fox 8 at the end of last year when I was trying to fit in a few more books. I didn’t know too much about it other than that a fox was the main character and the audiobook was only 37 minutes long. But it ended up being really impactful.

Fox 8 by George Saunders

Read by George Saunders

37 minutes

Fox 8 is a great story about the impact humans have on the animals we share the planet with. I loved that it was told from the perspective of a fox, because it made to so easy to sympathize with the animals. I thought it was such an interesting take on how the actions of people affect other living things.

I thought the audiobook was a particularly great format for this story because it is told from the perspective of a fox with a limited understanding of the English language (he’s learning, okay?). I did read a bit of the ebook later, and it was also clear that Fox 8 didn’t know how to spell (i.e. “niser” instead of “nicer”). While that does add a different dimension to the story, I do think that would make it more difficult to read, at least for me. I don’t think it would take away from the story, per se, but it might be distracting. And, personally, I really enjoyed this story on its own.

If you want a quick read that also feels important, I would definitely recommend Fox 8. Have half an hour? Try listening to the audiobook while you do the dishes or drive to work. Trust me, this one is worth it.

If you’re interested in this audiobook, you can use this link to sign up for a free trial of Audible, and choose Fox 8 one of your two free books! (Though this one’s only a few dollars, so I’d use your free books on pricier ones. Just saying.)

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have a favorite audiobook, share it in the comments – I’m always looking for good audiobook recommendations.

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