March Reading List

It’s a new month, which means it’s time for a new reading list. I’ve finished both of my reading lists this year (well, almost, I still have a few pages left of one February read), so I have high hopes for completing this list.

Here are the books I’m hoping to read in March:

My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing. This is a highly anticipated thriller this year, and I somehow managed to get an ARC. I’m in the mood for a thriller, and I’m looking forward to this one.

The Waking Forest by Alyssa Wees. I haven’t read a young adult novel by an author I’m not familiar with, but I couldn’t resist the comparison to Pan’s Labyrinth. Hopefully I enjoy it, because I’m not quite sure what to expect. 

The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare. I only have four plays left, so I’m going with this one. Mostly, because I haven’t been loving the comedies lately, and I just want to cross it off my list.

The Girls in the Picture by Melanie Benjamin. This sounds like a really great historical fiction novel about female friendship. I was lucky enough to have a copy sent to me, and I’m excited to read it because it sounds like exactly the kind of book I need this month.

And, a week or so ago, I asked you to choose the next young adult book I read, which was really fun! It was a four-way tie for a while (out of five choices), but one book eventually came out on top. And the winner is:

Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy! I’m really excited to read it this month, since it’s been sitting on my shelves for quite a while. I loved the movie, and think this is going to be a really fun read.

That’s if for March! I’m not adding a nonfiction book to my TBR this month because I’m currently in the middle of three of them, which I plan on finishing soon, so I’ll definitely get my nonfiction reading in. (Side note: I am currently rocking my goal of reading 25% nonfiction this year, and I’m really happy about it.)

Let me know what book(s) you’re most excited to read this month! And did you like being able to vote for one of the books on my reading list? Should I do it again next month?

13 thoughts on “March Reading List

  1. I’m so impressed you set and finish reading lists tbh because I really struggle to do so! 😛 I also had a non-fiction goal this year – to read at least 1 non-fiction book a month, and I’m already failing because I haven’t read ANY yet in 2019. I need to correct this soon!

    I’m probably most excited to read The Priory of the Orange Tree this month but it’s a whopper of a book so it may take me a while. As I’m still also working my way through The Kingdom of Copper, I’m low-key worried that having two big books on the go will severely affect my reading pace and I could end up in a reading slump. Maybe I need to try having a shorter non-fiction on the go too? We shall see…

    Happy reading!

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    1. Thanks! I’m honestly surprised I’ve been doing so well this year with my reading lists! I normally just set them as tentative plans, but I’m doing really well this year. I think this is the only time this has happened.

      I’ve been wanting to start The Priory of the Orange Tree, too. It looks so good, but so massive. I’m planning on having a relaxing weekend full of nothing, so I might try to get through a big chunk of it. I’m currently reading three nonfiction books, so fantasy might be a good choice.

      And if you want to read some fun, fast nonfiction, celebrity memoirs are usually great. I like listening to them on audio.

      Good luck with your reading goals!

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  2. Dumplin’ seems to be a good choice! it does sound interesting. So does The Girls in the Picture, which does give off a frightening foreboding feel. I’m hoping to read a book I currently own (probably Don Quixote). Anyway, all the best on the Shakespeare plays!

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    1. Great list!
      I’m halfway through The Giver series and plan to finish that. I have a massive digital pile of ARCs so I’ll be looking for some on audio (found a few already) and I guess I’m going to get used to text-to-speech because there’s no way I can keep writing and read so much without scrambling my brain. I don’t like it but it’s less robotic than it used to be and I can’t afford an internal processing shutdown.

      You might appreciate this… I got an Audible version of a book for a second review a few days ago. It was just released and the one chapter was published in a sort of draft form with the narrator starting words and sentences over repeatedly. It’s amazing how much work it takes and how each slight change in tone makes a difference.

      Despite the blunder, which will be fixed soon, I feel fortunate to have seen (or rather heard) behind the scenes. I have even more respect for those excellent—and not so excellent—narrators now.

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      1. Thanks! Audiobooks are always a good balance when you read and write a lot. And that does sound interesting! I’m currently listening to a 20+ hour audiobook, and I can’t imagine how much time that must have taken.

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  3. Excited to see your thoughts on all of these! My Lovely Wife looks right up my alley, so I hope you enjoy it and I can add it to my TBR 🙂 Also right with you on loving Dumplin’ the movie, hope the book lives up to it in your eyes!

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    1. Thanks! I’m excited to read My Lovely Wife – I’ve heard good things so far. And I’m also looking forward to finally reading a Julie Murphy book, because I just really like her as a person, and I’m hoping I like her books, too.

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