It’s the last day of 2018, which means it’s time for my annual reading stats! This post took forever to put together, but I really enjoy doing it. I think it’s really helpful to have a visual representation of my reading year. It helps me determine what I’d like to improve on next year. It’s also one of my most popular posts each year, and I hope you enjoy this year’s version!

This year, I read a total of 114 books, totaling just under 37,000 pages. The shortest book I read was George Saunders’s Fox 8, which is a short story clocking in at 52 pages, and the longest book I read was Middlemarch by George Eliot, at 785 pages. Overall, I’m pretty happy with my reading year:

Things That Surprised Me:

I was a bit surprised that plays were my third most-read genre, even above historical fiction. I know I’m working my way through all of the Shakespeare plays, but I didn’t expect to see them so high up.

I know I’ve been gravitating away from young adult books, but I was kind of surprised to see just how few books I read this year that weren’t adult books.

Things I’m Happy About:

I’m really happy with the fact that about two thirds of the books I read this year were four- or five-star reads. Even though I didn’t read quite as much as I wanted to this year, most of what I did read I really enjoyed. It was a great reading year overall.

Also, I forgot to add it to the infographic at the end (this took me hours, can you blame me?), but I’m happy that I was able to reread six books this year, two of which are classics. I tend to not reread books, so I’m glad I took the time to revisit a few favorites this year.

Things I’d Like to Work On:

The main thing I’d like to work on is reading more diverse books. I’m not happy with the number I read this year, and my goal for next year is to have at least half of the books I read be diverse in some way.

Similarly, I would also like to read more globally. I almost always enjoy books I’ve read from other countries, I just need to pick up more of them.

I would also like to read more nonfiction next year. Last year, I read about twenty percent nonfiction. I wanted to get that percentage up to twenty-five, but I only managed about fifteen percent this year. Would definitely like to work on that in 2019.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Here’s to 2019 and a year full of amazing books!

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  1. Your infographic looks great, it’s better than anything I could accomplish at the moment (I’m still trying to learn!) May the next year be just an amazing (or better, anyway) year for you, bookish or otherwise!

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