Looking Back on my 2018 Reading Goals

This was a weird year. There were a lot of changes in my life, which means my reading year did not go as planned. Which is fine. Sometimes life happens. But today, I wanted to look back on my reading goals for the year, and see how well I was able to do. I’m not expecting much, but we’ll see.

You can check out my 2018 reading goals and the updated reading goals I published a few months ago. Here are my reading goals for 2018, and a look back and whether or not I accomplished them:

Put less pressure on myself. This one I think I did fairly well with. I definitely put some pressure on myself – it’s in my nature – but I didn’t get too upset over all my reading slumps this year, or kill myself trying to read more. I gave myself a break when I needed it, even if it meant not reading or blogging for a while. 

Stop avoiding the books that scare me. I’m going to say I didn’t do great with this one. I read a couple of intimidating books, but I definitely still avoided them in general. 

Read more history books. I did read three history books this year, plus a few other nonfiction books of other genres with a historical context. I would have liked to have read more, but I don’ think that’s bad at all. 

 Stop planning to read certain books later. I put this goal in both posts, because it’s something I’m not great at. And while I don’t think I totally succeeded, I do think I improved a little. It’s going to be a process. 

Read at home more. I’m not sure how I feel I did here. I still do most of my reading away from home, which is kind of strange. I wouldn’t say I failed, but it’s definitely something I still need to work on. 

Finish all half-read books. I finished two out of the four half-read books I wanted to read. But, given that I spent six of the twelve weeks I had left in the year after publishing these goals unable to really read, I’m okay with it. 

Read at least one more classic. I wrote this a few months ago, and I did manage to read one more classic novel (Rebecca) after publishing this post. 

Keep up with reading one Shakespeare play and one nonfiction book a month. Did it! These are the two goals I will push myself to accomplish. 

Read some comics and graphic novels. When I made this goal four months ago, I had read zero graphic novels and comics. But I’ve since read five! So I call that a win. 

Did you set any reading goals for 2018? How did you do? 

4 thoughts

  1. I hit my numbers reading goal. And I did pretty ok on my backlist TBR (post on that to come). Also, I wanted to read more women and POC, which I think I did, but I still have to do the final numbers and compare to last year to be sure!

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    1. All great goals! I read more female than male authors, which is great, but I definitely need to work on reading more diverse books. Didn’t do great with that this year (though I did read some amazing ones).

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