Weekly Wrap Up – October 21

weekly wrap up

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all having a good weekend so far. This week was a great reading week for me. I participated in (half of) Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon yesterday, and managed to finish six books this week. Which I still can’t believe.

I’ll start with the non-readathon books. The first book I read this week is Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire, the third book in the Wayward Children series. I didn’t connect with this one quite as much as the first two, but I still really enjoyed it. This series is amazing. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

Then I read parts II and III of Henry VI by William Shakespeare. Not my favorite (not bad, just not at really memorable), but I am really happy I read them because that means I am officially done with all the histories! I am well on my way to completing the entire works of Shakespeare before I turn 30, which is a huge accomplishment.

Okay, on to the readathon! I finished three books and read a total of 671 pages. I’m really pleased with that, since I essentially really only participated for twelve hours of the readathon. (I just can’t do all nighters anymore, and I still don’t have the right glasses I need, so my eyes could only take so much. I’d just rather not be exhausted or in pain than read until 5am, which I think is fair.)

The first book I finished during the readathon is Neverworld Wake by Marisha Pessl. I read almost all of this during the readathon, and it was compulsively readable. I am so glad I picked this up, because I was initially on the fence. I thought this was going to be a three-star read, but it was easily four stars for me. Maybe four and a half. Easily one of the best YA books I’ve read this year. I will probably do a review tomorrow if you’re interested.

Then I read Monstress Vol. 1 by Marjorie Liu, which I’ve been meaning to read for a while. And I am so glad I finally did! This was a great start to the series, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. The story is interesting (why do all my favorite comics have amazing cat characters?) and the art is absolutely gorgeous. I’m looking forward to reading the next installment.

Finally, because I thought another graphic novel would be a good pick, I picked up Sons of Ares by Pierce Brown, which is a graphic novel set in the Red Rising world. I have mixed feelings about this one. I appreciated the backstory, and thought it was an interesting choice for a graphic novel, but I wasn’t a fan of the art style. It wasn’t bad, I just don’t think it fit the story. It was very dark and gritty, and kind of reminded me of Sin City (which I haven’t actually read). I have such love for these characters, I just wanted to see their faces, and we don’t really get that. Not a bad addition to the series, but I wanted more. Honestly a little disappointing, since this is one my favorite series. But, if you love Sevro as much as I do, you might want to still check this one out.

Now for my current reads. During the readathon I did read bits of a few more books. The first is Vengeful by V. E. Schwab. I’m enjoying this one a lot, but, for some reason, I can only read bits at a time. I think it’s going to take me a while to sort out my feelings about it. I’m also reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. I read this in high school, and remember pretty much nothing, so it was time for a reread. And I have absolutely no regrets. Finally, I did read a bit of City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab during the end of the readathon, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

I’m hoping to finish these soon, because I need to start my Stephen King Halloween read this week, and I can’t wait! Are you reading anything special for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments!

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