Shakespeare Mini Reviews (13-15)

shakespeare mini reviews

Guess what? It’s time for another Shakespeare reviews post! This time around, I read a history and two comedies. Spoiler: one of them’s a new favorite.

Henry VII

I’m a huge fan of Tudor history, so I was really looking forward to this one. As a play, it wasn’t my favorite. It wasn’t bad at all (not even close to being my least favorite Shakespeare play) but it just didn’t blow me away. My biggest complaint is that I didn’t really think the dreams or supernatural elements worked well in a historical play. However, I was more interested in the history itself, and that part was really interesting. I was curious to see how Henry (and Katherine) would be portrayed since Elizabeth I (Henry VIII’s daughter with Anne Boylen) who had a rather tumultuous relationship with Queen Mary, Henry’s daughter with Katherine, was Shakespeare’s patron. I’d say, for the most part, it was surprisingly accurate (probably why he waited until after she died to write it). But I was kind of hoping for a fuller story, since this starts with Henry wanting to divorce Katherine and ends with Elizabeth’s birth.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I loved this one! It’s easily one of my favorite plays now. It’s so funny and clever, and it was just so much fun to read. I definitely see what all the fuss is about now. I also got to see this one live right after I read it, and that made me love it so much more. This is definitely one to see performed if you get the chance.

All’s Well That Ends Well

This was definitely entertaining, but not my favorite. I didn’t really like any of the characters – they’re all pretty awful people. The story was fun, though. But, honestly, the thing I will probably remember about this one is all the sex. Seriously, so much sex (or sexual innuendos). It’s basically The Canterbury Tales in play form.

I think it’s pretty clear Midsummer was my favorite of the three. It was also a cool experience to see it performed live. Definitely one I would revisit in the future.

What play do you think I should read next?

Check out my list to see which plays I’ve read so far.

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