Shakespeare Mini Reviews (10-12)

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Time for some more Shakespeare mini reviews! This time around, I have a pretty depressing mix: a history and two tragedies.

King John

I picked this one up because I was eager to cross another history off my list (I seem to be enjoying them least overall). To be honest, I did like this one, but it’s been a few months and I’ve already forgotten almost everything that happened. So, good, but not memorable.


This was not an easy read. Definitely a brutal play. BUT, since I’ve now read more than half of Shakespeare’s plays, I think this lost some of it’s impact. It felt like a mashup of a few other tragedies, and I wasn’t as invested as I’ve been in some of the others. Not my least favorite, but I probably wouldn’t recommend it.


I’ve been saving this one, because I knew I would enjoy it. And I was right. It’s not quite King Lear or Macbeth (I think those are probably going to remain my favorites), but it was really great. I’m glad I finally got around to it. Also, kind of can’t believe I took a graduate class in Shakespeare and we didn’t read this one!

Obviously, Hamlet was my favorite of the three plays. I really enjoyed it, and it’s definitely at the top of my list. I think I’m going to watch the adaptation now (finally), because seeing Shakespeare is always a fun experience. (Well, almost always.)

What play do you think I should read next?

Check out my list to see which plays I’ve read so far.


15 thoughts on “Shakespeare Mini Reviews (10-12)

  1. Ahhhhh Hamlet left me feeling so sad and empty. Hahaha. BUT! I did enjoy the language. I’m more of a fan of his comedies 🙂 like Twelfth Night, Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice, and Much Ado About Nothing hehe.

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  2. Oh man, Coriolanus, thats IS a tough read. I only skimmed it, but then I saw a screening of a live performance of it (with Tom Hiddleston!) and it was amazing. I also saw a screening of Hamlet, and I’ve read it several times for school and it’s just so good??? I’d also love to see a performance of Macbeth some time (my fav Shakespeare play)

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  3. Because we don’t get any (or at least not many) English plays in Vienna, some movie theatres have live screenings of plays and musicals from the UK and I got to watch Coriolanus with Tom Hiddleston that way. I actually really liked it, but I have a feeling Hiddleston had A LOT to do with that??

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