Down the TBR Hole | Round 1

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I’ve been seeing this around a lot lately, and while I did (semi) recently tackle my TBR, I think there’s definitely still some editing to be done. Since I am out of post ideas at the moment, I thought this might be a fun way to get back into blogging and maybe rediscover some books I added to my TBR years ago.

This tag was created by Lia at Lost in a Story, and here are the rules:

  • Go to your goodreads to-read shelf.
  • Order on ascending date added.
  • Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books
  • Read the synopses of the books
  • Decide: keep it or should it go?

Here’s the thing, I started writing this post and realized I did a pretty good job of editing down my TBR a few months ago, starting at the beginning. On first glance, there’s only one book in the first 25 on my list I would get rid of. So I’m changing the rules a bit. Instead of sorting by date added, I’m starting with the books on my list with the lowest ratings. Just for fun.

(Note: for the purposes of this tag, I am excluding Shakespeare plays because there are a lot of them, and I’m going to read them all anyway.)

Book #1: It’s Just a Jump to the Left by Libba Bray

I love Libba Bray, which is probably the only reason I added this to my TBR, because I don’t remember it at all. After reading the synopsis, I’ve decided I have no interest in reading it. It seems like the sort of YA book I’m not that into anymore.

Do I own it? No

Verdict: GO

Book #2: An Uncommon Education by Elizabeth Percer

This has some mixed reviews, BUT it got a five-star rating from A Book Olive (who I tend to have similar literary tastes as), and it blends two things I love in books: a campus setting and Shakespeare. I think I’m still willing to give it a shot.

Do I own it? No

Verdict: KEEP

Book #3: The Accursed by Joyce Carol Oates

I am always up for a historical horror novel. The fact that this is set in turn-of-the-century New England is a plus. Cons: I just learned this is the fifth book in a series (though it seems most people skip straight to this one) and it’s nearly 700 pages.

Do I own it? Yes

Verdict: KEEP (for now)

Book #4: Given to the Sea by Mindy McGinnis

I’ve read two other books by Mindy McGinnis and loved both, so I added this to my TBR even though it’s a completely different genre. I’m a bit on the fence about it, to be honest, but since I liked her other books so much, I think I’m going to keep it for now.

Do I own it? No

Verdict: KEEP

Book #5: The Last Man by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

I loved Frankenstein, and stand by the opinion that Mary Shelley was a genius. While I’ve read quite a bit about her, I haven’t actually read anything else written by her, so I do think I still want to read this one.

Do I own it? No

Verdict: KEEP

Book #6: The Anatomy of Dreams by Chloe Benjamin

I loved The Immortalists, so I would really like to read Benjamin’s debut novel (even if it isn’t quite as good).

Do I own it? No (it’s in my Amazon cart, though)

Verdict: KEEP

Book #7: The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by Allison Hoover Bartlett

Pretty sure I only added this because of the title. I mean, books. I’m not particularly excited by the synopsis, though. It feels like a mashup of books I’ve read before.

Do I own it? No

Verdict: GO

Book #8: Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler

This is a modern retelling of one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, The Taming of the Shrew. So, obviously, I need to read it. Also, I’m planning a post about Shakespeare retellings (don’t hold your breath, it’ll be a while), and want to read it for that, too.

Do I own it? Yes

Verdict: KEEP

Book #9: The Portable Veblen by Elizabeth Mckenzie

I am constantly attracted to this book because of the weird title and the fact that there is a squirrel on the cover. This might be the first time I’ve actually read the synopsis, but I still want to read it. I do love my weird books.

Do I own it? No

Verdict: KEEP

Book #10: The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

I am determined to read these (just maybe not in the original old English). It’s just one of those works I feel I have to have read, especially since I got a masters in English (including two courses on Medieval literature) having only read bits and pieces.

Do I own it? Yes

Verdict: KEEP

Final tally:

GO: 2

Not terrible considering I just edited down my TBR from 700+ books to under 500 just a couple of months ago. I’m happy with where I stand, but I think I’ll be revisiting a few of these (namely The Accursed and Given to the Sea) to see if I really do want to read them.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?


3 thoughts on “Down the TBR Hole | Round 1

  1. I honestly think these Down the TBR Hole posts are so good for weeding out your TBR, but they do become more difficult once you’ve done a bit of narrowing-down already! An Uncommon Education sounds like something I need to read though, so I’ve now just increased my TBR by +1 haha.

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