Shakespeare Mini Reviews (7-9)

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I’d planned to do these posts every three months (because I was going to read one play a month), but last month I couldn’t help myself and ended up reading three. I’m definitely not mad about it, but it means that it’s time for another review post.

Much Ado About Nothing

I’m still surprised it took me this long to read Much Ado. Especially since I had seen both the film version and the play performed live and really enjoyed both. Unsurprisingly, I loved this play. It’s right up at the top of my list (just below Macbeth and King Lear, making it my favorite comedy). I am always a fan of snarky humor, and no one does it better than Shakespeare – this play is a perfect example.


Before reading Pericles, I knew absolutely nothing about it. I decided to pick it up on a whim, because why not knock another play off my list. It’s reminiscent of Twelfth Night and The Tempest, but is actually a history. I have somewhat mixed feelings about it in that I liked the story (it’s basically a Greek tragedy), but it felt way too long and I was pretty bored by the end. It’s not the best example of Shakespeare’s writing, in my opinion, and I just wasn’t impressed. I didn’t hate it, but I’d probably only recommend it if you’re trying to read all of Shakespeare’s plays.

Julius Caesar

I was pretty sure I’d read this in high school, but wasn’t sure if I actually did read it or if it was just mentioned in my freshman English class. Obviously, I didn’t remember having read it so I decided to revisit it. As soon as I started reading, it all came back to me and I do remember having read it. But I’m glad I read it again because I think I got more out of it this time. I think this is technically a tragedy, though it is definitely rooted in history (i.e. it involves real people and a LOT of drama), and I really enjoyed that. It may not be the most accurate version of events, but it is definitely the most famous. Et tu, Brute?

Obviously, my favorite play of the group was Much Ado About Nothing. That said, I did enjoy both of the others, and am glad I ended up reading them last month.

I’m planning on reading King John next (mostly because the histories are turning out to be my least favorite and I want to cross more off my list before moving on), but I’m up for recommendations! What should I read next?

Check out my list to see which plays I’ve read so far.


9 thoughts on “Shakespeare Mini Reviews (7-9)

  1. I haven’t read much Shakespeare (I know, I’m a bad English major) but I think my favorite of his that I’ve read so far is Julius Caesar. I’ll have to check out Much Ado About Nothing since you enjoyed it so much!

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    1. I do! I even got my hands on an early copy, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ve been wanting to read some Jo Nesbo, and this seems like the perfect way to start.


  2. That’s a pretty cool challenge you’ve set yourself, and 1 a month is definitely a nice way to approach it. But doing 3 in one month sure does vouch for the greatness of these stories! I haven’t read any of his stories, except some classic ones for analysis back in high school. I’d totally love to do something like you are though hahah I have Julius Ceasar and saw that you read it, was it good? 😮 Is MacBeth and King Lear the best of the best so far too? Nice mini reviews for these too by the way! 😀

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