Looking Back at My 2017 Reading Resolutions

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At the beginning of the year I set a few reading/writing goals for myself, and I thought it might be fun to look back at them and see how I did:

Read more diversely. I think it’s fair to say I accomplished this. I’m too lazy to get the exact stats, but I feel like I made more of an effort to read diverse books this year, and it showed. I’m pretty happy with how I did, but I do think I could improve the number of diverse books I read next year.

Read (at least) one nonfiction book a month. Success! This has been a goal of mine for two years now, and I haven’t missed a month, which is kind of amazing. The best part is that I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t even need to think about it, I just pick up at least one nonfiction book a month on my own. And I think it definitely has improved my reading overall.

Buy fewer books. Yeah, this one is a MASSIVE FAIL. I don’t even want to count the number of books I bought this year, but it’s hundreds. I had to buy a new bookshelf. I don’t want to talk about it.

Don’t make reading stressful. I wouldn’t call this one a fail, but I could have done better. It’s something I will definitely be working on next year, because I hate making something I enjoy into something stressful.

Do more readathons. I mean, technically, I participated in more readathons than I did in 2016. But I also figured out that readathons cause more stress (see above goal), so I’m okay with it. I did really love doing The Reading Quest, though, so I will probably participate again next year.

Read in public more often. Does reading at my desk during my lunch break count? Because if it does, I did AMAZING. And if it didn’t, I think I read a few pages in the waiting room at the dentist. My goal was more to read at coffee shops, etc. and I definitely didn’t do that. But I’m not sure I care.

Write every day. EPIC FAIL. I wrote maybe twenty days this entire year. But I did start brainstorming a few projects, and I’m getting more comfortable with my own writing, so it’s a work in progress, I guess.

Did you set any reading goals this year? How did you do?

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  1. Ah, I love these goals! Sounds like you hit some great goals this year! I think I may borrow some for my 2018 goals, hehe.
    But it is hard to read in public, like, what if i want to talk to people? Ok, yeah, I’m an extreme extrovert, so that’s my crazy problem.
    And not buying too many books? Who can do that?

    1. Thanks! See, I’m a huge introvert, so my problem is that being around people for long periods makes me uncomfortable, even if I’m not interacting with them haha. Maybe only ambiverts can read in public…

      And I think I’ve given up on trying to limit my book buying. It makes me happy.

      Good luck with your 2018 goals!

  2. Goodreads says I read and reviewed 88 books this year. Oh yeah? Then why were there only 66 in my 2017 review list? I must admit to having to quit or abandon a few, but those didn’t go to Goodreads stats.


    Goal for 2018–POST reviews on my blog for every one I post to Goodreads.

  3. It sounds like you succeeded- great job! I like the idea of reading more diversely and doing more readathons, although I always seem to find out about them at the last minute making it impossible. I definitely need to start buying less books, especially because I’m transitioning into finding a permanent job and it may require a move across the country.

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