Weekly Wrap Up November 12 – A Great Memoir and Some Fun Romance

weekly wrap up

This week, I picked up my reading pace a bit, and ended up reading four books.  Which is amazing. And since – as usual – I don’t really have enough time to write this, let’s just get right into the books:

The first book I finished this week is The Dark Half by Stephen King, which was my annual Stephen King Halloween read this year. This book started out a bit slow, but definitely picked up after the first hundred pages. I wouldn’t say this book was scary (which felt kind of disappointing), but I did really enjoy it. It was a fun and creative story, with just the right amount of darkness. It’s not my favorite Stephen King, but it’s near the top of the list.

Then I moved on to The Written World by Martin Puchner. Sadly, this book was a bit of a disappointment. I think the topic is interesting, but the book itself was really not enjoyable to read. It was on the dryer side, and it didn’t feel objective, which is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to history books. Overall, it was interesting, but I felt it could have been so much better.

This week, I also listened to the audiobook of Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime. This book is fantastic! I enjoyed every second of it. I loved learning more about life in South Africa (something I don’t think I’ve encountered much of beyond that one Disney Channel movie – anyone remember that? I think it was called something like The Color of Freedom – and a minuscule bit of reading on Nelson Mandela). This book is hilarious and heartbreaking and honestly just really brilliant.

Finally, I needed something fun and easy to read this weekend because I didn’t feel like reading at all, so I picked up Royally Screwed by Emma Chase. I don’t read New Adult all that often (I think this is my second NA book this year), but it was exactly what I wanted. It was pretty standard and predictable, but I just needed something I didn’t have to think about, and this was it.

As for current reads, I am just about halfway through with Broadcast News: Orson Welles’s War of the Worlds and the Art of Fake News by A. Brad Schwartz. I’ve been fascinated with this story for years, and I do like delving into it a bit deeper, but DEAR GOD this book has some serious organization issues. It’s not bad, but it just randomly hops around and repeats itself and I can’t wait to finish it.

That’s it for this week, I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far (especially those of you who had Friday off). What book(s) are you currently reading?

P.S. Anyone else playing Sims 4 Cats and Dogs? What do you think?

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