Fall Reading Goals

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It’s almost officially fall – FINALLY – and I cannot wait for cooler weather and nights spend curled up with a fuzzy blanket and a cup of tea. (Or pumpkin cider, because I’m slightly obsessed at the moment.) Fall is always my favorite reading season. I read tend to read more books, and I gravitate towards heavier, darker reads, which I love. This fall, I decided to set some reading goals for myself, because it’s basically the end of the year, and there are some things I want to work on or get to.

Here are my five fall reading goals:

Read at least two classics. I’m doing okay with my goal to read more classic novels this year, but I can definitely do better. Especially since there are so many on my TBR. Right now, I’m currently rereading The Great Gatsby, which I’m enjoying (it’s been something like eleven years since I first read it). And I want to try and get to The Age of Innocence sometime this fall as well. I’m also tempted to reread The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. There are so many to choose from!

Read a history book. I’ve been reading a lot of nonfiction this year, and while they fit into all sorts of categories, none of them are history books (although there are quite a few historical biographies). I want to read an actual history book, because it’s been too long. Fortunately, I have two arcs that fit into this category. The first is Queens of the Conquest by Alison Weir, which I’m about halfway through at the moment. It’s about five different medieval queens, and it’s actually a lot of fun. I also have an arc of The Written World by Martin Puchner, which is basically a history of the written word (i.e. books, stories, scrolls, histories, etc.). And I am really looking forward to it!

Read a Stephen King novel. You might already know that each fall – Halloween to be specific – I read a book by Stephen King. It’s my one real reading tradition. This year, I chose The Dark Half, and I’m so tempted to start it now. (Yes, I was tempted to read It, but 1. it’s huge, and 2. I read it when I was twelve and I’m not keen on reliving it just yet.)

Start one of the series I already own. I have a terrible habit of buying book series in their entirety before I’ve even read the first book. It’s kind of embarrassing how many books I have to choose from for this goal. I’m leaning towards A Natural History of DragonsWalk on Earth a Stranger, or The Kiss of Deception. (Mostly because I actually know where they are in my TBR pile.)

Read a comic or graphic novel. It’s been too long since I’ve read a comic or graphic novel (I haven’t read any since April), and I need to pick one up soon. I Hate Fairyland Vol. 3 is coming out at the end of October, so that is definitely on my list. I do also need to get back into Sandman at some point, so maybe I’ll read another volume or two this fall, because it’s the perfect season for Neil Gaiman.

I think these are fairly reasonable goals, and if I manage to complete them, I think I’ll feel really good about my reading year as a whole. This year, I’ve been compiling my reading stats as I go, which is great because I can see if there are any gaps and fill them in.

Do you have any fall reading goals? Any specific books you’d like to get to before the end of the year?

29 thoughts on “Fall Reading Goals

  1. These are fantastic goals! I’m reading a history book right now, “One Summer: America, 1927” by Bill Bryson. It’s good, though I keep putting it aside to read novels. I have actually done pretty good with reading non-fiction this year, but I haven’t gotten to a single classic; I haven’t read “Gatsby” since high school and I’d love to re-read it sometime!

    My only goals for fall are to read as much as I can (only three months left of 2017!) and to read some backlist in hopes of rescuing my mediocre reading year!

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    1. I always do that with history books, they’re difficult to read in one sitting. And I can’t remember how much of Gatsby I’d forgotten since high school. I’m really enjoying it.

      Good luck with your reading goals!


  2. I love that you have reading goals! I must admit, I’m another guilty one for buying entire series without reading a single book, so I’ll join that support group, too! And I really should read more classics. *silently shameful in the corner*

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  3. If you like audio, I highly recommend listening to Brenda Dayne’s reading of The Age of Innocence. There are a number of places on the internet where you can get it for free. She’s perfectly suited to this book!

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        1. Hahaha. Yeah, he likes to write long books. My favorite shorter ones are definitely Misery and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. Both really great and under 300 pages. His short stories are also a good place to start. 😊

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  4. Awesome goals. I find Stephen King terrifying on screen, which means the books are probably even scarier. I feel like I spent my whole school life reading classics (no required reading was published after 1950 for me), so I avoid it these days, but I do always think about some childhood classics I missed. Good luck with all of these.

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    1. I do much better with scary books than scary movies, so it’s not quite as bad for me. I enjoy them more, too. Maybe you’ll have a similar experience.

      And thanks! I hope you find your way back into classics. There are a lot of really good ones.

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