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If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that whenever I participate in a readathon, I like to keep track with what I call a mini blog – basically, a (very) long post of updates that doesn’t fill up your feeds and take over my homepage. So, here is my mini blog for Tome Topple, taking place Friday August 4th through Thursday, August 17th. Enjoy! And be sure to check back in throughout the readathon for updates!

Pages Read: 2,141

Alexander Hamilton – 81 pages [finished]
The Wise Man’s Fear – 1,000 pages [finished]
Romantic Outlaws – 550 pages [finished]
Our Dark Duet – 510 pages [finished]

Day 1 – Friday, August 4

5:30 PM: I just got home from work, and I have not read a single page today. Which is a bit disappointing, because I’ve finished three books already this week, and I read all but a few chapters of one of them sitting at my desk. I did, however, listen to a chapter of Alexander Hamilton on audio, which I’m not sure counts for this readathon, since I am almost done with it. But it is a very large book, so maybe I will count it towards my total page count. I’ve been working on the audiobook for over a month. Right now, I’m about to relax and have some dinner and catch up on blogging for a bit, and then I’m planning on jumping into either The Wise Man’s Fear or Our Dark Duet. I’m tempted to go for ODD, because I’m pretty sure I can finish it this weekend, but I’ll see what I’m in the mood for.

11:20 PM: I managed to read six chapters of The Wise Man’s Fear tonight so far. I would have been more, but after months of nagging, my sister finally agreed to watch Moana with me (she hadn’t seen it), so I took a break to do that. I’m going go blog a bit more tonight – I really need to catch up – and then depending on how tired I am, I might either try and write a bit, read some more, or just go to bed. I don’t think this was a particularly amazing start to the readathon, but I don’t have any plans this weekend, so I am definitely planning on making up for it.

Day 2 – Saturday, August 5

1:15 AM: I read another chapter of Alexander Hamilton after working on the blog for a bit. I think I’m going to include it in the readathon even though I don’t have much of it left. It is a very big book, after all. I also read a bit more of The Wise Man’s Fear, and I’m really enjoying it so far! I’d keep reading, but I had a long day at work and I’m exhausted. Still, I’ve made good progress, and I might actually read more than I anticipated during this readathon.

12:00 PM: I read some more of The Wise Man’s Fear this morning, and I am planning on spending the rest of the afternoon reading as much of it as I can. It’s a really great book, and I’m glad Tome Topple gave me an excuse to read it. Still, it is 1,000 pages long, so I need to get reading…

4:45 PM: I’m currently 330 pages into The Wise Man’s Fear, and I had to put it down because my eyes have gone blurry. I’m going to take a break for a bit, maybe watch a movie or something, and then come back to it. I’m going to attempt to reach the halfway point today.

9:30 PM: I took a break, watched The Circle (which was okay), broke out the reading glasses, and now I am officially halfway through The Wise Man’s Fear! And I don’t think I’m going to be able to put this book down tonight. I might even finish it tomorrow. Which means I might have time to read another book (or two) during this readathon.

Day 3 – Sunday, August 6

1:15 PM: I am not sure I’m going to finish The Wise Man’s Fear today, even though I wanted to. I’ve made some good progress, but I’m not particularly enjoying the part of the story I’m in right now, so it’s been pretty slow going for the last hour or so. I might put it down and maybe read some of Our Dark Duet. However, the prospect of lugging TWMF to work with me tomorrow does not sound pleasant. That thing is heavy.

6:00 PM: I finally moved past the slow part of TWMF and read another ninety pages or so. But now it’s Game of Thrones time, so I’m taking a break. I have a little over 200 pages left, so I still might try and finish it today so I can just start Our Dark Duet during lunch tomorrow. I’m also pretty tempted to start Romantic Outlaws next since I’m so ahead on my reading. Because then I can just take breaks with ODD. I’ll figure it out once Game of Thrones is over.

9:00 PM: Okay, I’m calling it for today. I read a few more pages of TWMF, but I’m at a reasonably good stopping point, and I don’t want to stay up too late, because I do have work tomorrow. I will, however, be bringing my book with me, and between my lunch break and after work, I will definitely be finishing it tomorrow. (P.S. Game of Thrones was EPIC tonight. I was literally shaking after it was over. Which may be why I had a bit of trouble getting back into TWMF.)

Day 4 – Monday, August 7

1:30 PM: Just read another 50 pages of TWMF at lunch, which means I only have about 170 pages left. Definitely planning on finishing it today. But I have to say, bringing this one to work was a mistake, my purse is so damn heavy.

6:20 PM: I listened to another chapter of Alexander Hamilton on the drive home, and I did manage to read a bit more of The Wise Man’s Fear between meetings. Only about 120 pages left now, and I am determined to finish. Now I just have to decide what to read next!

8:45 PM: Finished The Wise Man’s Fear! I really enjoyed it, even though I do think it was a little bit too long. There were a few parts I didn’t like all that much, and I really just wanted to move on. Also, I have no idea how he is going to end the story with only one more book. Anyway, now I have to choose my next book. I think I might try and read a chapter or so of Romantic Outlaws to see if it draws me in. I’m also considering rereading The Historian. I’m going to try and save Our Dark Duet for the end of the readathon, because I know I’ll be able to read it fairly quickly. And I still have another ten days.

Day 5 – Tuesday, August 8

1:30 PM: Just finished up my lunch break, during which I started reading Romantic Outlaws by Charlotte Gordon. It’s a biography of Mary Wollstonecraft and her daughter, Mary Shelley, both of whom I absolutely adore. I’m not very far into it, but I am really enjoying it so far! I also listened to a chapter of Alexander Hamilton on my way to work this morning, but I’ll need to get home to check how many pages it was. Hope you’re all having a good reading day!

5:45 PM: Read two chapters of Alexander Hamilton today, and I only have two left! I can’t believe I am finally almost done with this book. It is really good. I have a few things I need to do tonight, so I’m not sure how much reading I’ll get done, but hopefully another chapter or two of Romantic Outlaws.

7:45 PM: I finished Alexander Hamilton! It took me six weeks, but I actually really loved it! I’m not counting the nearly 100 pages of endnotes and citations, so I really only ended up reading 81 pages of it during Tome Topple, but I’m counting it. Because that book is a BEAST. I might try and read a bit more of Romantic Outlaws tonight, but, I’ll be honest, all I really want to read at this point is a really short, easy read (The Hating Game is calling my name). Why did I decide reading two biographies was a good idea? But I am definitely on track to read more than the 1,700 or so pages I read during the last Tome Topple I participated in, so I’m happy.

Day 6 – Wednesday, August 9

1:30 PM: Read another chapter or two of Romantic Outlaws during my lunch break again today. I’m enjoying it, but it’s definitely a slow read. I’m just really going to have to make an effort to finish this in a week. I am also planning on starting the audiobook of Our Dark Duet either this afternoon or tomorrow morning (I needed a bit of a break after finishing Alexander Hamilton), so I’m still going to try and squeeze that one in as well. Hopefully I’ll get a decent amount of reading done after I get home tonight.

9:00 PM: I didn’t feel much like reading after I got home today, but I did listen to a few chapters of Our Dark Duet in the car. I think I’m going to bring that one with me to work tomorrow since it might be a bit quicker, and I need something that’s going to draw me in. I feel a slump coming on, and I am determined to finish at least one more book during the readathon. Romantic Outlaws might take me a bit of time, but I’m okay reading it slowly, because I actually want to remember what it says. In hindsight, probably not the best pick for a readathon, but I’ll be okay if I don’t finish it. After all Alexander Hamilton took me about six weeks to finish.

Day 7 – Thursday, August 10

1:30 PM: Another lunch break reading session. But this time I finished nearly 200 pages of Our Dark Duet. Clearly, it’s a much quicker read than Romantic Outlaws. I also just found out about another readathon that I really want to participate in that starts Sunday, and Romantic Outlaws will work for that one as well, so I am going to try and finish it then. As for Our Dark Duet, I will probably finish it sometime tomorrow. I have to proctor an exam in the afternoon, which basically means I’m getting paid to read for three hours.

Day 8 – Friday, August 11

4:30 PM: Finished reading Our Dark Duet while proctoring an exam this afternoon. And it was absolutely brutal. I feel like I need to read something else right this second, or I’m going to fall into a slump. My only other Tome Topple read – Romantic Outlaws – fits into another readathon that starts on Sunday, so I am going to try and save the rest of it until then. So if I feel like reading anything when I get home, I’m going to pick up a smaller book. Because that’s what I need right now. Or, I might just binge-watch something on Netflix. Which is totally okay, too.

Day 10 – Sunday, August 13

3:00 PM: I took yesterday off from reading, because I just wasn’t in the mood. But this morning, I restarted Romantic Outlaws for The Reading Quest (another readathon I’m participating in starting today), and I’m moving along fairly quickly.

Day 11 – Monday, August 13

9:30 PM: I started a couple of books for my other readathon today, but I’m still making decent progress in Romantic Outlaws. I am definitely on track to finish it during this readathon, which means I will have read three tomes in their entirety, in just two weeks. Kind of insane, considering I have a full time job. Also, as of today, I have officially read more pages than the previous Tome Topple, so yay! And I didn’t even count the shorter books I read/am reading. If I stopped now, I’d be pretty happy. But I’m not. Because I’m weird about these things, and now I must finish Romantic Outlaws.

Day 12 – Tuesday, August 14

9:00 PM: I am on a reading roll today, and just managed to finish Romantic Outlaws! Turns out, the last 100 pages was just appendices. Once I realized that, I powered through until the end. I really enjoyed it, and I loved learning more about two of my favorite authors. I’m glad I finally got around to reading it. And I think I’m calling it for this readathon! I read over 2,000 pages, and I’ve only got two days left, so I’m going to focus on The Reading Quest. I’m happy with what I accomplished, and I’m looking forward to the next Tome Topple!

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  1. It’s frustrating not feeling like you are making any progress isn’t it? I have had that with my current galley. I love the book and I am really enjoying it, but about the writing puts me in a trance and then I sort of fade out and I’ve only managed to read a quarter over two days. 🙁

    1. Definitely! Today, I listened to Alexander Hamilton for almost an hour at 2x speed, and when I got home, realized that only equaled 16 pages. I hope your book picks up soon!

      1. It has I just needed space to breathe a little in my reading schedule! I read for two hours and read about a quarter of it tonight. Only really stopped because my Kindle that holds the galley died!

  2. I kinda love this format. After having recently caught up (not really, but I wasn’t drowning in books with impending release dates), the pile is now incredibly daunting. Just overwhelming. *sigh

    1. Thanks! I think it’s less annoying for everyone because there are so many updates. I hear you with the overwhelming TBR. I’m so glad to finally have an excuse to read The Wise Man’s Fear, because that was definitely one of the books that intimidated me. It’s just so long.

      Good luck with all your reading!

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