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summer reading list

It is officially summer! And I hate it. It’s already too hot for me here, and I am 100% ready for fall. But, for me, summer still means lots of reading (indoors), and I’m hoping to read a lot of books this summer. I’m still getting the hang of reading as much as I want to with a full-time job (there is lots of reading on my phone at my desk…), but there are a few books I definitely want to get to in the next few months.

  1. Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab. I’ve already picked this up, and actually started reading it a few days ago. But I remembered less of This Savage Song than I thought I did, so I think I want to reread that one first. It might take me a bit longer, but I do think I’ll enjoy it a lot more. Plus, anything that means more Schwab is fine with me!
  2. The Tempest by William Shakespeare. I really wanted to read another Shakespeare play this year, because it’s been a while since my Shakespeare class and I kind of miss it (even more so after reading If We Were Villains). I didn’t know which one to read next, but then I got an ARC of Rose & Poe by Jack Todd, which is a retelling of The Tempest. I think I’ll appreciate it more – and write a more comprehensive review – if I read play first, so that’s what I’m planning on doing.
  3. Lost Boy by Christina Henry. I loved Henry’s Alice in Wonderland retelling, and am very excited about this one, which is an unconventional version of Captain Hook’s story. I’ve already started it, and it is so interesting! I’m planning on reviewing it soon, so keep an eye out for that (Lost Boy will be out July 4). 
  4. Moving Kings by Joshua Cohen. I was just sent a copy of this book, which is about two Israeli ex-soldiers who move to New York and end up becoming eviction movers. The whole story sounds much more interesting, but I’m also really excited to have found a book that centers around Middle Eastern immigrants, because my dad emigrated to America from Palestine, and that is something I rarely see in literature.
  5. See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt. I have always been fascinated by the Lizzie Borden story, so I’m really looking forward to reading the novelization of the Borden murders. I’m hoping to get to it soon, since it will be out in early August, and I want to get a review out to you soon!
  6. A Paris All Your Own edited by Eleanor Brown. This is another book I’ve already started, and I am enjoying it so far. It’s an anthology, written by female writers who have written bestsellers set in Paris, all about – you guessed it! – Paris. I’ve never been there personally, but I kind of love how these authors highlight both the magic of Paris and it’s flaws. I’ll have a review up in the next week or so (before it is released on July 4).

I’m going to keep this list relatively short, because I’m not sure how many books I’ll realistically be able to read this summer, but these are definite must-reads for me. Let me know if you’ve read or want to read any of the books on this list.

What’s on your summer reading list?

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  1. Ahhh I’m so behind on V.E. Schwab books!! I still have to read the rest of the Shades of Magic series AND This Savage Song. *dodges tomatoes being thrown* Hopefully this summer I can catch up!

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  2. I’ve also been revisiting Shakespeare lately. I work at a college and I got to interview a professor who teaches it, and just came back from London. It was glorious getting to talk like an English nerd for an hour!
    I’m also planning on Lost Boy and See What I Have Done. And now I want to add Moving Kings.
    Happy Solstice!

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  3. These sound great!! Yesterday I picked up the latest book in James Patterson’s Confessions series- I think that’s the name of the series, but don’t quote me on it- as well as Veronica Roth’s latest novel!

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