Weekly Wrap Up – June 4

weekly wrap up

This week’s wrap up is going to be short, because I’m exhausted and really just want to go to bed. But I did read things this week, so I thought I’d talk about them.

While I didn’t read quite as much as I wanted to this week (this full-time job thing is no joke), I did manage to finish one book and a short story. The book I read was Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. This was my second time reading it, and it is still one of my favorite books. I actually reviewed it this time around, so you can go check out my review if you’re interested.

After finishing Neverwhere, I moved on to How The Marquis Got His Coat Back, which was also written by Neil Gaiman and takes place somewhere in the middle of Neverwhere. I really enjoyed it, and loved getting more of London Below. If you like Neverwhere, I highly recommend it!

I am still trudging along in Mr. Fox, by Helen Oyeyemi, which I am hoping to finish today so I can get a review up tomorrow. I don’t have that many pages left, but it is an extremely slow read. I’m also still reading Allegra Goodman’s The Chalk Artist, and really enjoying it! I’m hoping to finish it soon, as well, so I can review it for you. Finally, I started reading The Changeling by Victor LaValle, mostly because I needed something to read while waiting for a shuttle to my car, and I have the ARC on my phone. I’m only a couple pages in, but it seems interesting. I will (hopefully) have a review up of that one sometime this month.

And that’s it for this week! I am still trying to figure out how to balance blogging and reading with a full-time job, so any tips are welcome!

I hope you’re all having a great weekend – let me know what you’re reading in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up – June 4

  1. Getting reading in is tricky with a full time job. It sounds like you are squeezing pages in where you can. I hate trying to finish a slow book. I recently got 72% in a book and the story started to introduce another new character in an already slow book and I just quit it. Life is too short, ya know!
    I am currently reading Secrets of Southern Girls. It’s pretty good so far.
    Anyways have a great week!

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  2. Working full time and reading can be difficult, but don’t worry because you will find your own routine in time. It all depends on when and where you can find the quiet time to sit and read. Don’t stress it though, you will develop a new reading norm once you adjust to your new schedule. Good luck with your new job!

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  3. I had a hard time with Mr Fox as well. I ended up DNF’ing even though (in theory) it sounded like something I’d like. I’m also interested in Changeling. Interested to hear your thoughts.

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    1. I finally finished it yesterday, but it took me over five months! And I still don’t really know what it was about. It’s a strange book.

      I will hopefully be reviewing Changeling in the next couple of weeks 🙂


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