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I read so many incredible bookish blog posts in April! Which is kind of amazing, since I was terrible at keeping up with them (I’m still catching up). I still had to narrow down the ones I bookmarked to share with you. This post actually ended up being shorter than I anticipated, but I do love all of the posts down below, and this way, you can actually (reasonably) read them all.

Discussion: How Have My Reading Habits Changed Since Becoming a Book Blogger? by Utopia State of Mind. I know my reading habits have changed a lot since I started this blog – in way both related and unrelated to the blog itself – so it was interesting to see another blogger’s perspective. (Our experiences are very similar in case you’re wondering.)

Expectations vs Reality for Book Bloggers (Entirely True and Not At All Hyperbolic) by Cait at Paper Fury. Cait’s posts are always brilliantly hilarious and true. This one is no exception. If you’re a book blogger, you will definitely appreciate this one!

How Not to Kill a Book Club by Cybil at Goodreads. I rarely read Goodreads’s blog, but I came across this post a few weeks ago and had to include it, because I have been party to not one, but two book club deaths (mostly because I failed at #4). This post made me laugh, but it’s definitely a must-read if you’re looking to start a book club, or are part of one.

How to Read on a Budget by Bernadette at Spine Cracker. This is a really great, comprehensive post on how to find free or inexpensive books. We all know I buy way too many books, but I definitely want to start taking advantage of free books (aka the library) and this was a great reminder.

You Will Never Finish Your TBR List – Sorry by Alyssa at The Ultimate Book Geek. This was a great post about how many books we are actually able to read in a lifetime (she cites a study, it’s not all made up). I read a lot of books, but there are so many I will never get to. This post made me think more about what books I choose to read and why.

Share your favorite blog posts from the month of April in the comments! And let me know which of the posts on my list you enjoyed most.

May the Fourth Be With You.

(I’m sorry, I had to.)

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  1. This is a nice idea. I like reading discussion posts and definitely Will be checking this feature of yours more for discussions. I’m always looking for more discussions to read and see other people’s opinions on certain topics.

    1. Thanks! I usually do them at the beginning of every month, and almost always feature at least one discussion post – they’re my favorite, too.

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