Weekly Wrap Up – March 12


It’s been a very, very long week. I worked a few very long days, and was left with very little motivation to read. I didn’t even listen to an audiobook on my commute this week, because I couldn’t concentrate on it. (I listened to Hamilton on repeat instead, so I’m completely okay with it.) I managed to finish two books, but only because I’d read the majority of both of them already.

The first book I finished this week was The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Sáenz. It’s a young adult novel about a teenage boy dealing with a lot of life changes. I really loved this book. I think it had a lot of really wonderful elements that I haven’t seen elsewhere, and it was a highly enjoyable read. If you liked Ari & Dante, you definitely need to read this one. Click here to read my full review.

Then I finished reading All That’s Left to Tell by Daniel Lowe. Sadly, I didn’t love this one. I’m a fan of ambiguity in plots and open-ended endings when they’re done well, and this book didn’t really do it for me. I did like some things about it, and ended up rating it 2.5/3 out of 5 stars. I’m planning on having a full review up sometime this week.

I’m currently hopping between a ridiculous number of books, because I just can’t get into anything at the moment. But, I’m hoping this week is a bit more relaxed and I can sit down with a book, because there are quite a few that I want to get to soon. I will admit that one of the reasons I haven’t been reading too much lately is because I got back into playing Dragon Age II, and it’s becoming a problem. But, the good news is, I haven’t loved any of the other video games I’ve tried (and there aren’t very many made for Mac anyway), so I don’t think its going to get too out of hand. But man, that game is addicting.

I hope you’re having a great weekend! And, as always, let me know what you’re reading in the comments – I’ve been loving all your great suggestions, and have added a ton of books to my TBR thanks to you!

14 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up – March 12

  1. I’m sorry your week was a bit stressful, I hope this coming week is much more enjorable with lots of bookish stuff! I’m currently reading A Conjuring of Light by V.E.Schwab and it’s amazing!
    Also, you gave All That’s Left to Tell a 2.5/3. Did you mean out of five or are your ratings out of 3??
    Sending lots of love

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      1. ACOL is killing me, but in the best possible way! Aha, I do that all the time, I’ll write a post at three AM and when I edit it in the morning, I have no idea what I was thinking. I’m glad i helped!

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  2. Yeah, stress is a strong enemy of reading… I personally find very difficult to sit down and read because I feel guilty, doing something for my pleasure and not the other stressful thing that for me, is usually school. And then regularly I spend hours procrastinating on the phone. What I have found that helps is reading some “guilty” pleasures. Not fifty shadows or similar, but very light books, no great messages, only fun and distractions

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  3. Good wrap up. I’ve been hearing many, many good things about The Inexplicable Logic of My Life so I’m excited to read it myself (I really loved Ari & Dante so it should be good fit for me). I read History Is All You Left Me this week and now I’m reading We Are Okay by Nina LaCour.

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      1. History is All You Left Me is stunning. I absolutely adore Adam Silvera’s writing style. It’s so raw and real and–completely human I guess. Fair warning though: it’s going to hit you in the feels. I think it affected me more than any other YA book I’ve read so far.

        We Are Okay is…okay I guess 🙂 It’s about grief too, but I prefer Silvera’s writing. Her writing style is more simplistic I feel. I’m just not connecting to the characters as much as I would like to. But she gets props for writing about a lesbian/bisexual (?) couple relationship. You don’t see that too often in YA.

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        1. I think that’s why I haven’t read Silvera’s books yet haha. I know I’ll probably love them, but I need to be in the mood to cry. I have read one of Nina LaCour’s other books (Everything Leads to You) and I’ve heard that ones a bit better. But I agree that f/f relationships are more unusual in YA, and I like that she writes about them a lot. So I might give it a try.

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