January Reading List


This month’s list is kind of long. But, after finishing my thesis, I have a lot of books – mostly ARCs – to catch up on, so it’s going to be a lot of reading. But, I am (almost) officially done with grad school, so I have plenty of time! Of the eight books below, two were sent to me by the author/publisher, five are books I requested for review, and one is a book I purchased last year on the recommendation of my cousin, who wanted me to read it so she could talk about it with someone. Regardless of where they came from, or how they made this list, I’m excited to read all of them!

Becoming Queen Victoria by Kate Williams. This is a biography of Queen Victoria centered around the years before she became queen. I just read another biography of Victoria (is it me, or have there been a ton of these lately), and really enjoyed that period of her life. I was actually sent this by Random House in anticipation of a new miniseries on PBS based on this book, which will air later this month! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing that as well.

The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker. This is about two friends who went to art school together, and years later meet and have some sort of conflict. Honestly, I don’t know too much about it, but I’ve heard great things, and I’m excited to read it! I will have a review up before it’s released at the end of this month.

Human Acts by Han Kang. I’ve had Han Kang’s The Vegetarian on my TBR for months, so when I saw that Penguin was giving out review copies of this book, I requested one. It explores the aftermath of a young boy’s death during a violent uprising in South Korea (I think, in the 1970s).

The Happiness Effect by Donna Freitas. It’s not a secret that I kind of hate social media. I love using it for my blog, and interacting with all of my readers. BUT, I almost never use my personal accounts. The idea that everyone needs to know what I’m doing ALL THE TIME freaks me out. (Facebook is basically Big Brother. Also you should all go read The Circle.) Anyway, this is a nonfiction book due out next month that examines the effect social media has on millennials (a generation I am reluctantly a part of). The subtitle is: How Social Media is Driving A Generation to Appear Perfect at Any Cost.

The Perpetual Now by Michael D. Lemonick. This is another nonfiction book I’m really excited about. It’s about a woman who was left with severe amnesia after a disease ravaged her brain. A former artist, pilot, and musician, she now recalls only around ten to fifteen minutes at a time. I’ve seen novels who use this sort of amnesia, but never nonfiction, and never for this brief a time span. I am really looking forward to this one.

The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak. I have a soft spot for geeky romances, what can I say? In this debut novel, a geeky boy trying to steal a copy of the Vanna White Playboy (it’s 1987) meets the computer-loving girl of his dreams. Sounds cute, and it’s totally up my alley.

Out of the Fire by Nathanael Green & Evan Ronan. These two are an author dream team. I LOVE their Tomahawk & Saber series, and was so excited to see they collaborated on another story. This one has magic and firefighters and just sounds amazing. (Though to be honest, these two are such incredible writers, I’d probably read this book even if the plot didn’t sound that interesting.)

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. I am really going to try and get around to this book soon, since I’m pretty sure I promised to read it in… October. Oops. It sounds good, and I’ve heard amazing things, I’ve just been too busy to get to it. And now I can.

What books are on your TBR this month? Are there any January releases you’re particularly excited about?

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