Little Women Readalong Kickoff!


I’m so excited to be reading Little Women with you this month! It’s December first, which means it’s time to start reading! I can’t wait to get started – I almost started early, but managed to wait. If you missed my announcement, and you’d like to participate, please do! It’s going to be a fun month.

This weekend, we will be reading the first three or four chapters, and I will be hosting our first discussion on Twitter sometime next week – follow me at @biblioadvntrs to take part! I will be using hashtag #AoaBLittleWomen to share updates and discussions on Twitter, Instagram, and Litsy – if you’d like me to see your posts, be sure to use the hashtag.

Thank you to all who are participating! I’m looking forward to reading with you!

4 thoughts on “Little Women Readalong Kickoff!

  1. I’m drowning in other books and adulting stuff, but I’m going to TRY to do this! I first read it many years ago with my mom when I was in fourth grade. Her birthday was a couple of days ago, so great timing in that respect!

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    1. I’m with you! This is probably the worst month for me to be doing this, but I figure this way, I’ll be accountable and I’ll have to actually (finally) read it. Glad you’re going to participate as well! I’m keeping it low pressure, so participate as much as you can!

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