There will be no wrap up this week. I had one half-written, almost ready to go up, but I can’t finish it. Yesterday, I lost my grandmother. It was unexpected and quick, and I don’t think I’ve fully processed it yet. I was lucky enough to spend the past two days with her, but it’s still a shock. On Wednesday, she spent the day gardening. Last week, I helped her with her email, and we went out to dinner and for a walk. Today, she’s gone.

I can’t bring myself to write a post about what I read this week and my grad school complaints. So I won’t. This is the first time in a year I have missed a Weekly Wrap Up. I might put one up tomorrow, but I’m not going to force myself to do it. I still have homework due tomorrow that I need to finish. My monthly wrap up will be up on Monday anyway.

I wrote this post because I felt like I should write something. I know I don’t owe any of you an explanation, or any sort of post talking about this, but I felt like I should write it anyway. You have been wonderfully supportive in the past, and I know you will be now. For the most part, I am okay. I naturally deal with death more rationally than most. But it’s still difficult. And over the next few weeks, I will probably be caught up with family stuff, and helping to sort through my grandmother’s house (in addition to work and school). So if I post less frequently for a while, that’s why.


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