Weekly Wrap Up October 8 – Binge-Reading & Banned Books Week

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I have had a really great start to October! So far, I’ve finished five books, three of which were five-star reads (the other two got four stars). I shouldn’t be proud of his achievement, even though I am, because it means that, instead of working on my thesis, I spend all week reading. And now, I have two days to finish the first 15,000 words. I really wish I’d read one or two fewer books this week…

The first book I finished this week was All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. It’s been on my shelf (okay, fine, in a stack of books on the floor) for months, and I finally decided to pick it up for banned book week. It’s about a black teenager who is the victim of police brutality, and how the story affects everyone in his town differently. It was a really great story with an extremely relevant message, and I thought it was a great contemporary young adult book.

On Monday, I spent the morning binge-reading Beast by Brie Spangler, which is a young adult Beauty and the Beast retelling in which the protagonist is the “beast” and the “beauty” is actually transgender. It was a brilliant story, and I liked the way all of the issues in the book were handled. This one comes out Tuesday, so I’ll have a review up on Monday for those interested.

Then I finished Habibi by Craig Thompson, which was another banned book week read. This one was about two Muslim orphans who find each other in the desert and form a sort of family. It is easily the most beautiful graphic novel I’ve ever read, and I loved the story. Highly recommend it!

My next two books this week were audiobooks. I usually only listen in the car, but I picked up knitting again this week (I am a master at procrastinating), and have been listening while I knit, so I’m going through them more quickly. That said, both books were pretty short. The first is Ian McEwan’s Nutshell, which is a reimagining of Hamlet told from the perspective of a nine-month-old fetus who overhears his mother and uncle planning to murder his father. I really enjoyed this one! The writing blew me away and the story was fun. Definitely unlike anything I’ve ever read.

Finally, I listened to John Scalzi’s newest release, The Dispatcher. This was released as a free audiobook on Audible (if you have a membership, get on that!) and it’s read by Zachary Quinto. I can’t pass up free books, and this one was just a little over two hours, so it only too me a day to finish. I thought it was an interesting story, I liked the characters, and the narration was fantastic. I will definitely be reading more of Scalzi’s books soon.

I’m currently in the middle of reading Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo (finally!). It’s on hold until this thesis deadline has passed, but I’m enjoying it. There’s one character wish would die, but other than that, I think it’s on-par with the first. Hopefully I will finish it soon, and then read Ruin and Rising (as soon as I find my copy), so I can get to Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom.

What are you reading this weekend? I’d love to hear!

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