End of 2016 Reading Goals


It’s October already, which means we have less than three months left in 2016. Honestly, I’m not sad to see this year go. It’s been a decent year for me personally and academically, but, man, it’s like the world is imploding. I guess we’ll find out next month if the world really is ending…

But this post isn’t how insane this year has been. Today, I want to talk about my reading goals for the end of this year. I usually do a post like this in January (and I probably will do one in 2017, too), but, like most of you, I’m sure, my reading goals tend to change throughout the year. New books come out, others I simply loose interest in, and, sometimes, I’m just in a different place than I was in January. Here are the reading goals I’d like to accomplish by the end of this year:

Clear my currently-reading shelf. This year, I’ve consistently had a minimum of four or five books on my currently-reading shelf on Goodreads. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since I tend to read multiple books at the same time, but there are a few books on there I set down months ago, namely A Game of Thrones and The Fellowship of the Ring. Going into 2017, I want to have a clean slate, and keep books on there that I am actually actively reading.

Finish all of my ARCs. This kind of goes along with the first goal, but I have at least six ARCs to review at the moment. One of them comes out next year, so I might let that one slide, but I have a couple that came out in 2015 that I really need to read. Again, I just want to start 2017 with a clean slate, not feeling pressured to read anything.

Donate books I no longer want. I’ve been saying I want to do this all year, and I haven’t gotten to it yet. But, since I’m graduating in January, I really need to sort through my books sooner rather than later, or I’m going to end up carting a lot of books I don’t want to a different state when I move. I have a few duplicates and a lot of books I’m just not interested in anymore, or didn’t like, that I want to take to one of the charity bookshops I frequent.

Decide on ONE reading challenge for next year. I love reading challenges. Obviously (just look at the menu bar). But I’m kind of burnt out on forcing myself to read things. I can’t let myself not complete any of the challenges for some reason, so it’s starting to get stressful (totally my fault, but still). I have no idea what next year will hold, so I want to do my research and find a single, manageable reading challenge I can participate in. And then spend the rest of the year reading whatever the hell I want.

Make a definitive, organized TBR list. My TBR is a MESS. I want to make some sort of database for books I own, so I can keep track and stay organized. I might use a program I’ve used before, called Delicious Library, but it’s difficult to categorize vintage books on there, because most of them don’t have bar codes. But I need to figure something out and get all my books on a nice, clear list.

They may seem like simple goals, but I am actually going to have to spend some time on these projects. Especially the last one, since I probably own somewhere around 1,000 books. Not kidding. When I move, most of what I’m taking is literally just books. But, I think, if I can complete everything on this list, it’s going to make reading in general less stressful for me (I’ve literally had panic attacks thinking about all the books I haven’t read). But, along the same lines, I am not going to be too hard on myself, because I’m still working on my master’s thesis and working 30+ hours a week. But I’m planning on taking a few months off of everything but work after I graduate and before I start looking for a job, so, worst case scenario, I get some of this done early next year.

Are there any reading goals you’d like to accomplish before 2017? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “End of 2016 Reading Goals

  1. All the best in achieving all these goals. I want to finish all my ARCs too although I keep requesting for new ones so I am not sure how to go about that. I hope the remaining part of your years will be filled with awesome reads!

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  2. Good luck with your goals, if you find a way to structure your TBR list more efficiently I would love to see how. Mine is kind of crazy, my goal for this year is to finish my Goodreads Reading challenge which I set to 100 books, so fingers crossed although i’m in my final year of university and things are abit crazy. My main goal is to do as well as I can academically.

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