A Subscription Box I Love | Book of the Month Club

I love the idea of book subscription boxes, but I’d been wary of subscribing to any of them for a while. Mostly because, while I do think the idea of a surprise is great, I tend to just buy books I want to read when they come out. A lot of the time, I’ve seen someone do a subscription box “unboxing” and the pull out a book I already own. I love the idea of book subscription boxes, and all the fun little extras, but I don’t like the idea of spending $30 or more a month on something I’m not sure I want (and might already own).

Enter Book of the Month Club. I finally subscribed to Book of the Month in August, and I absolutely love it! Since I haven’t seen it around much, I thought I’d spotlight it today. (This post is in no way sponsored, I just wanted to share with you because I’m enjoying it so much!)

Book of the Month has been around since 1926, so, basically, it is the original book subscription service. The way it works today is that you select a plan (starting at $45 for three months – aka $15 per month) and then pick a book each month. On the first, BOTM releases a selection of five curated books (mostly new releases) from which you can choose. I love that you get to pick which book you want for the month! That was a huge incentive for me when I signed up. If you’re not interested, you can skip a month. And, if you can’t decide (like me) you can add up to two books for only $9.99 each (which also includes all available past BOTM selections, so you can always get that book you missed out on the previous month). Did I mention these are all hardcover? And that shipping is free?

From what I can tell, these books are all geared towards adults, which I think is nice considering so many boxes cater to young adult literature. They are mostly fiction, but I have seen a few nonfiction books in the past selections, including the amazing When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. So far, I’ve gotten some amazing books from BOTM, including one of my new favorites: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. I haven’t actually gotten around to reading any of my September books, but I am so excited to see the October selections!

If you’re interested in joining Book of the Month, you can CLICK HERE to use my referral link (which gets me a free book wink wink) and you can use code FRIEND50 to get 50% of your first 3-month subscription. Three hardcover books for under $10 each? That’s a win!

4 thoughts on “A Subscription Box I Love | Book of the Month Club

  1. I just signed up for this last week! I’d been getting emails for them for a month or so and they sent a code for 50% so I couldn’t resist. I’ve been getting OwlCrate and I love it but it was a bit too expensive for me to keep getting now that I’m back in school and not working as much as I did over the summer. I can’t wait to see what BOTM has for October! I’m so excited. 🙂

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