Weekly Wrap Up September 17 – I Need a Vacation

My thesis is killing me. Which is basically my way of saying that I read nothing this week. And I’m not happy about it. I think I’m in a reading slump, which is honestly stressing me out a bit because I have so many books I need to read for review. In addition, to, you know, writing one (aka my masters thesis). It’s just been one of those weeks when I feel blah about everything and I’m really tired and I just need a vacation. Even now, as I write this, I’m sitting at work at 9:30pm Friday night, after already working fourteen hours. And I’ve got about two more to go.

Anyway, even though I didn’t finish any books this week, I did read a teeny tiny bit. I am slowly making my way through The Guineveres by Sarah Domet, which I am enjoying. It’s just taking a while for me to get into the story, but I’m still intrigued enough to keep going. I received it as an ARC from the publisher, so you will definitely be seeing a review for it closer to the release date next month.

This week was also the DiverseAThon, which I kind of failed at, despite my best intentions. I don’t feel too bad, since I make an effort to read diversely anyway. But that doesn’t mean I’m not a little disappointed. I did start two books with the intention of finishing them this week, though. The first is Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. I’ve heard wonderful things about this book, and I’m looking forward to reading it, but I couldn’t get into it this week. So I set it down, and I’m planning on picking it back up when I’m in a mood to appreciate it.

The second book I started for the DiverseAThon is Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz. I am actually listening to the audiobook, which is read by Lin Manuel Miranda, and I love it so far! Unfortunately, because I’ve been getting to work early and leaving late this week, I miss the traffic I usually hit, and haven’t had a lot of time to listen to it in the car (which is where I listen to audiobooks).

That’s kind of it for this week, sadly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this reading slump goes away soon, because I have way too many books on my TBR to go this long without reading any of them.

I’d love to hear what you’re reading this weekend, so let me know in the comments!

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