Top Ten Tuesday | TV Shows I Will Be Watching This Fall

It’s September, which (among other things) means: Fall TV! I love having hours of new, exciting shows to watch each week, and I can’t wait for the new seasons of some of my favorites. Since this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about TV, I thought I’d go for something simple and share the ten shows I’ll be tuning into this fall.

  1. Gilmore Girls. Obviously. I am so excited about the revival, even though we’re only getting four episodes. I almost don’t even care who Rory ends up with – we get more Gilmore Girls!
  2. The Big Bang Theory. I unabashedly love this show, and have been a fan since season one. I even got my dad obsessed – he watches it religiously now. I just have a soft spot for nerds, I can’t help it.
  3. New Girl. I love Zooey Deschanel. Her quirkiness just makes me happy. Also, I identify with Nick Miller probably more than I should admit. (I have not – yet – written a zombie novel, though.)
  4. Scream Queens. This was kind of a guilty pleasure of mine last year. I love how absurd it is, and Jamie Lee Curtis is amazing. Since I’m not sure about AHS this year (there are so many spiders in the promos), I think this is going to be my weekly dose of horror.
  5. How to Get Away With Murder. I love this show so much! Viola Davis is incredible, and there’s no way I’m not going to continue after last season’s cliffhanger.
  6. Quantico. I started watching this out of boredom a few months ago, and was surprised to find that I was hooked. Last season was so crazy, I’m excited to see what they throw at us this year.
  7. Elementary. A great way to satisfy my Sherlock cravings while we wait for Sherlock to FINALLY come back on the air. Plus, I really love the relationship between Holmes and Watson in this version.
  8. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This show is ridiculous, but so fun. I like the weird, random musical numbers and the fact that the main character embarrasses herself about fifty times an episode.
  9. The Last Man on Earth. Another show that’s kind of insane, but totally makes me laugh. And I’ve become kind of attached to the characters.
  10. The Blacklist. I need to catch up with last season, but I think this is definitely a series I want to continue watching. I mean, James Spader is in it. I don’t need much else.

This was surprisingly difficult, because so many shows I love or want to start watching aren’t airing until next year (Game of ThronesSherlockScandalAmerican GodsOrange is the New BlackStranger Things), but I definitely think these are ten shows I can commit to for this new season. If you have any recommendations for fall shows you think I’d like, let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | TV Shows I Will Be Watching This Fall

  1. I’m watching all of Gilmore Girls at the moment. I never got to see the whole series, so I’m really glad it’s all on Netflix before the special is released. Then I’m going to watch Stranger Things (I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t watched it), and then I think I’m going to watch Supernatural from the very beginning.

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    1. Stranger Things was so good! (And I love Gilmore Girls, obviously.) I’ve been thinking about restarting Supernatural. I watched a few of the early seasons, but it’s been years since I’ve watched it. Maybe I’ll save it for after I finish my thesis and then I can spend like two weeks binge-watching it.

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