Summer Reading Must-Haves

Today, I thought I’d share a few (somewhat reading-related) things that have been getting me through the summer. Keep in mind as you go into this post that I generally hate summer, and don’t really go outside if I can help it. Mostly because I burn very easily, am unusually attractive to insects, and am also allergic to sweat. So, summer is not my friend. That said, there are some things that make summer reading a bit more comfortable. And I’m not just talking about the AC. Though that is definitely something I can’t live without.

If I had to pick one summer must-have (reading or otherwise), it would be iced coffee. I love coffee all year round (I’m basically a Gilmore), but in the summer, iced coffee – or any variation thereof – is a must. I’m currently obsessed with iced soy caramel macchiatos, but since spending $6 on Starbucks every day, I have had to find other options. The cheapest option is just making an iced latte with the Keurig – just fill a cup with ice and brew the coffee right on top. But I also really enjoy cold-brew coffee, and have been buying the unsweetened Starbucks one by the gallon. I need coffee all the time.

Obviously, if you’re going to choose to read outside, you’re probably going to need sunglasses. More specifically, polarized sunglasses (which, in addition to reading, have made a huge impact on my driving visibility). I happened upon a pair of polarized Ray Bans at TJ Maxx a few months ago for a ridiculous discount (like 80% off), and they have been a lifesaver. I have a few other pairs or sunglasses, but the polarized lenses make a much bigger difference than I was expecting. I wasn’t even looking for polarized lenses, I just saw cute Ray Bans for under $50. So, I had to get them. If you read outdoors a lot (or drive a lot), get yourself some polarized lenses. They greatly reduce glare, which can be distracting while driving and reading. Worth it!

Summer is the perfect time to sit and read for hours at a time. Which (obviously) requires snacks. I’m partial to salty snacks, and instead of eating entire bags of potato chips, I’ve been munching on dried seaweed snacks. They’re one of my favorite things. I also eat lots of potato chips, not going to lie. When I do have a sweet tooth (which is rare), I prefer fruity snacks over chocolate. Which doesn’t really work well with my recent vegetarianism, because most gummy candy is not vegetarian/vegan (and it’s weirdly difficult/expensive to find vegan gummy bears). But I was pleasantly surprised to find that Sour Patch Kids – one of my favorite candies – are vegan! So those have been my go-to snack this summer.

They may be simple, but these three things have really helped me survive summer reading. Well, that and a fan pointed directly at my face. What is your summer reading must-have?

3 thoughts on “Summer Reading Must-Haves

  1. Air conditioning! Although I must admit, I’ve been slacking on my reading. I guess it’s good though, I’ve been walking outside catching Pokemon instead. That’s where the sunglasses come in handy.

    I generally don’t snack or drink while reading, so I guess my only must-have is a comfy spot to sit.

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