Weekly Wrap Up – July 2

This week was a pretty good reading week overall. I read a total of three books, all of which I really enjoyed. This week, I also started working on a new writing project, which I’m kind of excited about. I lost motivation on my last project (mostly because I write without an outline, and it was going in a direction I didn’t love). I really don’t care what I’m working on, as long as I’m writing something, and it had been a while since I wrote something that wasn’t for school. So I’m really happy about it. Now, onto the reading!

The first book I read this week is Red Queen by Christina Henry. It’s the sequel to Alice, her Alice in Wonderland reimagining. It wasn’t quite as spectacular as the first book, but I did enjoy it. It’ll be released on the 12th, and I have a review scheduled for the 11th if any of you are interested.

Next, I read My Lady Jane, which was a surprise favorite! I really loved the characters, the story, everything. I know a lot of you received it as part of the Owl Crate (I think) box, and it’s definitely a good pick. If you like The Princess Bride (book or movie), you’ll love My Lady Jane. I’m hoping to have a review up sometime next week, but I’ve honestly been feeling a bit of a writing block when it comes to reviews. I’ll have a review up soon. I hope. Just know I loved it.

And finally, I FINALLY read a Rainbow Rowell book! I picked up Fangirl, and I ended up really enjoying it. I loved that the main character was a writer, and I found myself identifying with her in weird ways. The Simon Snow parts weren’t my fave, so I’m not sure I’ll be reading Carry On (let’s be honest, I’ll probably read it at some point), but I’m glad I found a contemporary YA author whose characters aren’t obnoxious to this twenty-seven-year-old grandma (only in the sense that I’m a misanthropic, knitting, bookworm who loves tea – I don’t have any kids, let alone grandkids).

Anyway… I obviously had a pretty good reading week. School-wise, it wasn’t so great. Basically, every time I have to write a fiction piece, I have a panic attack and end up questioning my decision to go to grad school for fiction writing. Can I just do the part where I learn a lot, without having to actually do it? Because that would be great.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! To my Canadian readers: Happy Canada Day! (Is that what you say?) And to my American followers: I hope you all have a safe and happy Independence Day! Even though we should actually be celebrating today. See? We’ve been getting it wrong since our country was founded.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up – July 2

  1. I was the same with Fangirl, in the end I skipped all the Simon snow bits as I really didn’t enjoy them and just read the actual story which I really enjoyed 🙂

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