25 Bookish Facts About Me

bookish facts about me

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what to write for today’s post. And then I got caught up on YouTube, and came across this video by Regan from Peruse Project (one of my favorite BookTubers), and it looked like fun. So, here are 25 bookish facts about me:

  1. I actually generally prefer paperback to hardcover books. They’re just so much easier to read. I do like the way hardcover books look, though.
  2. For some weird reason, I like breaking the spines on mass market paperbacks. Only mass market paperbacks. I think it just makes them look really old and loved.
  3. Writing in books gives me anxiety. Occasionally, I will highlight textbooks, but that’s about it. If I must write in a book or mark a passage, I always use a post-it. (I also check used books for writing before I buy them because it annoys me so much.)
  4. The sheer number of unread books I currently own is overwhelming. And yet… I can’t stop buying books. I have a problem.
  5. Getting a masters in English and creative writing has made me super critical and picky about literature. I’ve hated books I probably would have liked two or three years ago. And I’ve noticed errors in a few of my favorite books. It’s annoying. But technical errors are completely distracting now. (I better become an editor after this, because I’m totally ruined as a solely recreational reader. Thanks grad school!)
  6. I have permanent nerve damage in my right hand/arm from reading and writing too much.
  7. I love physical books as much as what’s inside of them. They’re just so beautiful. Which is why I have multiple editions of a lot of my favorite books. And why I’m considering specializing in book design when I get my second masters in publishing.
  8. Old, leather or clothbound books are my favorite things in the world.
  9. When I left for college in Boston, I gave my parents a box with all of my irreplaceable books to be saved in case of a fire. Yup, I’m that crazy about my books.
  10. I’m almost always reading multiple books at the same time.
  11. The first time I met an author I really admire, I was completely starstruck. I asked him to sign my book, and then blanked when he asked how to spell my name. That moment has haunted me for years. (Thankfully, I’ve been to multiple signings since then – including two with that same author – and managed not to spazz out too badly.)
  12. The book that got be back into reading after college was 11/22/63 by Stephen King.
  13. It annoys me when publishers release box sets of series that aren’t completed. (That leatherette pocket set of A Song of Ice and Fire will haunt me forever – they better rerelease it when the series is complete because it’s so beautiful, and I refuse to buy it as is.)
  14. I can be really stubborn when it comes to finishing books, especially ones I don’t like. I hate leaving books unfinished.
  15. I once gave myself a black eye trying to read my giant, leather-bound, Lord of the Rings bind-up in bed. Yes, I dropped it on my face. (It happens a lot, just usually not with books that heavy.) This was also my excuse for buying the leatherette pocket set.
  16. I get turned off of books when they’re über popular. And I get a little thrill out of liking books before everyone else (or it becomes a movie and gets a lot of hype).
  17. Books are a huge part of my identity. I’ve always been known as a big reader, and I don’t really know who I’d be without them.
  18. Almost no one else in my family reads books. They actually tease me about how much I read/how many books I own.
  19. If I had the option of never sleeping (and staying completely functional and sane), I totally would, because I’d rather be reading.
  20. Listening to audiobooks is the only thing that makes my commute bearable, because it feels like I’m accomplishing something, and not just wasting two hours in a car everyday. It’s reduced my anxiety so much. (If you have a long commute, I highly recommend getting an Audible subscription – it’s worth it!)
  21. I’m a huge nerd and almost always like books a little bit more if the author uses Latin – either actual Latin phrases (one of my favorite things about the Red Rising trilogy) or Latin-inspired words (like the spells in Harry Potter). I’m also learning Latin in my free time.
  22. I have a book sense memory – if I reread a book, I will remember where I was and if I was eating or drinking anything the last time I read it. (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire always reminds me of french onion soup, because I made some while reading, and Station Eleven will always remind me of Whidbey Island in Washington, because that’s where I read it – looking out over the Saratoga Passage.)
  23. The one genre I won’t read is romance. As in, the kind of romance novels with Fabio on the cover. The ones you can find in grocery stores. I’m just not a fan. I will read almost anything else, though.
  24. I struggle to strike a balance between reading what I’m interested in, and the books I want to have read (aka the books I want to say I’ve read, without lying).
  25. One day (hopefully soon) I would like to write a novel.

That’s 25! Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know some bookish facts about you in the comments.


7 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. Such a nice post ! 🙂 I feel like meeting you in real life hahah 😀 You should definitely write a novel ! And breaking them spines from books ahahah 😂 By the way, that box of books in case of fire is real smart :O

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  2. Imagine that, I have a thing for hard cover books, they catch my attention faster and they do that lovely sound when I drum my pencil on the surface whilst thinking or some other weird actions. Plus, they stay in longer. It is a pity paper backs are much cheaper thus me owning more. Hard cover books to me suits classics, children books, text books and mystery. One genre that paperbacks would stand out for me is Romance. Yep we differ there again, haha. There is those beautiful image for paperback romance that I have not seen quite so stylish in hardcover, maybe it is the material. Ok, I will stop now.

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  3. Ohh, #13! Even though I have many more mismatched sets than box sets, I can’t stand that either!

    I Know What You Did Last Summer was one of my favorite books as a kid in the 80s. To this day, I have been too snobby to see the movie–it would feel like a betrayal.

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  4. I prefer paperbacks too, and definitely paper copies rather than ebooks. I try to use bookmarks instead of folding the corner of the page or trying to remember what page number I’m up to. And my favourite genre is fantasy.

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