Grad School Essentials Part Deux

You may have noticed my lack of posts the past couple of days. That’s because, this week, grad school is kicking my ass. Basically, taking a class in editing without first having finished things to edit was not the best idea. So, in addition to honing my editing skills, I have to write things to edit. And let’s just say I’m not great at creative writing under pressure. I’d take a twenty-page research paper over a five-page fictional story any day. Which isn’t the best realization to make while finishing a master’s degree in English and Creative Writing. Why didn’t I just stick with history?

Instead of panicking and having a bit of a meltdown, I’ve decided to procrastinate! And since I shared my Grad School Essentials with you a few months ago, I thought I’d do an updated post with the things that are getting me through this week.


My most important grad school essential has definitely not changed since my last post. It’s coffee. I’m not one of those people who needs coffee to function, but it does wake me up a bit. And I tend to do stupid things when I’m tired (my lack of sleep has resulted in multiple small microwave fires). So coffee definitely helps! And, unless I drink too much, which is a whole other issue, it helps me focus. A cup or two of coffee makes me feel like I’m ready to tackle my homework.

I could write an entire post about how much I love coffee, but I’ll move on. A recent purchase that I have been absolutely loving is a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Because I decided to concentrate on grad school and not force myself to stick with a stressful job I hate, I’m still living with my parents and two younger sisters. So these are a must! Because I can put them on, blast some Adele, and ignore the loud conversations and cat fights (literally – this isn’t a dig at my sisters, my cats hate each other) outside my bedroom door, and dream of the day I’ll be able to afford an apartment of my own. I got this pair from Amazon, and I really like them! They’re not 100% noise-cancelling, but they were also only $25, and they’re gold and pretty and they make me feel fancy (they have black and white options if you’re not into gold).

This year, I’ve also been really good about actually using a planner (I know it’s only January, but I already lasted longer than last year). I really need one to keep track of schoolwork, actual work, social plans, blogging, reading, and book releases, and in my opinion, it definitely helps when I get one that I enjoy looking at. This year, I picked this one from Sugar Paper.  It’s navy and white and gold and I love it! Though, to be honest, I pretty much love everything from Sugar Paper – in an attempt to my über-organized this year, I also bought this weekly agenda pad a few months ago. I’ve been using it on extra-busy weeks, and it’s nice to see everything all planned out alongside my to-do list. Since it’s undated, I like that I can use it only when I need it (or remember to).

On my last grad school essentials post, I shared a few of my favorite study candles/fragrances, so I thought I’d update you a bit with my new favorites. Right now, I am completely obsessed with the Mahogany Teakwood candle by White Barn (which you can purchase at Bath and Body Works). I’d been holding off buying these because they’re expensive, but then there was a Christmas sale, and now I’m addicted. If I want a lighter scent, I go for the Pomelo Lime candle by Illume (I find them at Target). I also really love anything with bergamot.

And, finally, even though I no longer need prescription glasses, I’ve decided to follow my optometrist’s advice, and get some reading glasses. Because I obviously read a lot. Because I’m personally not a fan of the thin reading glasses that you can find in drugstores, I searched online, and found myself a couple of pairs of huge nerdy reading glasses, which are much more my style. They have definitely helped with eye strain, especially when I spend entire days reading, doing homework, and writing blog posts.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I would love to hear what your study must-haves are!


3 thoughts on “Grad School Essentials Part Deux

  1. While studying, the only thing I ask for is silence haha. I love listening to music but sometimes it can be a distraction too. I’m still not a coffee addict, but I’m just in high school so I guess there’s time to become one hahah. Nice post anyway!

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  2. Man am I glad grad school is over! I can’t drink any caffeine whatsoever, because it works WAY too well on me (I know that sounds dramatic, but it makes my hands shake, and accelerates my heart beat!). But tea is absolutely necessary, as is ginger ale. As for everything else, a minty eucalyptus candle (I got mine from B&BW, too) is mandatory. Otherwise, I can work in any conditions, so long as people aren’t talking to me.

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