Book Review | The Ice Dragon

I feel like it’s been weeks since I’ve posted an actual book review. I hit an epic reading slump at the end of my (last!) literature class for grad school, and am finally pulling myself out of it. Since I still don’t feel like reading anything long at the moment, I decided to pick up The Ice Dragon by George R. R. Martin, since it is just over a hundred pages, and – let’s face it – has a really cool cover that I just couldn’t resist.

icedragon-2014_bigThe Ice Dragon tells the story of Adara, a young girl who was born during the worst winter anyone can remember. It was the winter that killed her mother and seeped into Adara’s bones, making her cold. And every year since that one, the winters have gotten colder and longer. Every year, the ice dragon comes. Adara has seen it every year. In her fourth year, she touched it. And in her fifth, she rode upon it’s icy back. When Adara is seven, fiery dragons from the north swoop down upon Adara’s home, threatening her home and her family. Only the ice dragon, and the child cold enough to touch him can save the village.

I really enjoyed this short story, which is beautifully illustrated by Luis Royo. It is definitely a children’s book, which is interesting coming from Martin (most of his other work is definitely not child-friendly). And while it’s a children’s book, I think it can be appreciated by readers of all ages. The Ice Dragon is set in the same world as the Song of Ice and Fire (aka A Game of Thrones) series, which I loved, because I love that series. I enjoyed reading about dragons and ice lizards and snow castles from a child’s perspective, because it makes everything seem more magical. I also liked that the hero was a little girl, because, at least in my experience, dragon books tend to be marketed more towards boys. I kind of wish I’d read this as a child, because I loved dragons.

Rating: ★★★★✩

Personally, I think Martin’s writing style lends itself more to long fiction, but I still enjoyed The Ice Dragon immensely. The story was creative and fun, and I just love Martin’s writing! If you’re looking for a short read, I would highly recommend this one!

If you’re interested, you can pick up a copy of The Ice Dragon on Amazon or on Book Outlet (it looks like they still have some available.

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