Disney Book Tag

disney book tag

I love Disney! I’ve been to Disneyland about a thousand times (one of the perks of living in Southern California – you always know someone who works at Disneyland and can get you in for free). And I absolutely adore Disney movies – they were some of my favorites as a child, and they still are. So I was really excited when Ashleigh at A Frolic Through Fiction tagged me to do the Disney Book Tag! (You can tell, because I actually made a nice graphic for this post.) So thanks Ashleigh! I hope you all enjoy this post!

The Little Mermaid – A character who is out of their element, a “fish out of water.”

For this, I’m going with Darrow from the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown. He was born a red, which is the lowest caste of society, and goes through a painful process to become a gold – the highest caste – to take them down from the inside. He copes well, but he is definitely out of his element.

Cinderella – A character who goes through a major transformation.

The Golem in The Golem and the Jinni. She learns how to love herself even though she was created with the sole purpose of loving and serving someone else.

Snow White – A book with an eclectic cast of characters.

I really love all of the characters in Ready Player One by Ernest Cline! They’re all so different, and I think it’s so interesting to see how they chose to hide themselves

Sleeping Beauty – A book that put you to sleep.

Flatland by Edwin Abbott. I still don’t know why I read this, because I don’t like math. It’s actually kind of interesting, but just really unexciting.

The Lion King – A character who had something traumatic happen to them in childhood.

In Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, Kirsten is a child actor in a production of King Lear, and is on stage when the actor playing Lear dies of a heart attack. And despite having much worse things happen to her, this incident definitely affects her more than she admits.

Beauty and The Beast – A beast of a book (a big book) that you were intimidated by, but found the story to be beautiful.

One of my favorite books is Stephen King’s 11/22/63, which is about 850 pages. It’s a massive book, but I loved it so much, I finished it in three days.

Aladdin – A character who gets their wish granted, for better or for worse.

In Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, Richard wishes his life wasn’t so boring. And then he gets thrown down a rabbit hole into the magical and dangerous London Below.

Mulan – A character who pretends to be something or someone they are not.

It got some mixed reviews, but I actually really enjoyed Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. The main character, Mare, is a Red, but is forced to pretend to be Silver since Reds are not supposed to have powers – and she does.

Toy Story – A book with characters you wish would come to life.

Harry Potter – but only if I actually get to go to Hogwarts with them.

Disney Descendants – Your favorite villain or morally ambiguous character.

Victor Vale from V. E. Schwab’s Vicious is kind of a morally ambiguous character. He’s not as bad as some of the other characters, but he’s done some bad things. Everyone in this book is kind of a villain. I love it!

Hercules – A book that inspired you and made you a stronger human.

I’m going with 1984 by George Orwell. I love that book so much!

Up – A book that you have no idea what the title and the cover was about, but you love it after reading it.

Hmmm… this is a hard one. I feel like I’m pretty good at “getting” titles. I guess I could go with Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King. I don’t know how much the title or cover has to do with any of the stories inside.

Frozen – A pair of book siblings that you love.

Mustang and the Jackal from Red Rising. They are kind of awful, but so badass. Definitely some of my favorite characters from the series!

And that’s the Disney Book Tag! I hope you all enjoyed this post – I had a lot of fun writing it! I honestly just don’t feel like tagging anyone at the moment, so if you’re reading this and you want to do the tag, then consider yourself tagged!


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