Holiday Reading Slump

I have so much reading to do this month. And it’s just not happening. I have started about six books in the last week, and while I really like all of them, I just can’t make myself go past the first few chapters. I had every intention of posting a review of The Relic Master by Christopher Buckley this week (since it was released on Tuesday). But I still haven’t finished it. Even though I really, really like it – I’m about halfway through, and if I rated it right now, it would easily get four or five stars. So, instead of another book review, you’re getting a post about how I have been unable to read anything this week.

I’ve tried different books – A Brief History of TimeThe Relic MasterThe First Fifteen Lives of Harry AugustThrough the NarrowsMy True Love Gave to Me. I’ve tried different formats – ebook, audiobook, hardcopy. And despite the fact that I really enjoyed what little I’ve read of all of those books, nothing is working for me right now. You know it’s a serious slump when you can’t even get through a Harry Potter reread.

My reading list this month is stressing me out a bit, too. I just got a few more NetGalley ARCs, and was planning on reading some pretty heavy books this month. Which is probably not going to happen. My goal is to still finish up my PopSugar Reading Challenge (I have one book left), and finish my unofficially updated Goodreads challenge of reading 100 books this year (I’m currently at ninety-eight).

So I’m taking a few days off from trying to force myself to read. Hopefully this slump will be over soon, and I can get back into a good reading pace. But there will most likely be fewer book reviews this month because of it. Which is okay, because I have plenty of book tags, gift guides, and end-of-the-year things going up!

Let me know in the comments what you do to get over a reading slump – do you have any tips or tricks, or do you just ride it out? I’d also love to hear about any book tags or holiday posts you’d like to see me do. I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season so far! And if you live somewhere where it’s snowing – please send me some!

10 thoughts on “Holiday Reading Slump

  1. Oh my god! I hate that you have to go through the dreaded Slump! I hate them… Check out this video by Christine and Sasha, on how to get over slumps! I hope they help because I was in a slump recently and they helped me get over it!
    Christine’s Video:
    Sasha’s Video:

    Also, I just wanted to say, I love that snow effect that you did to your blog! It looks really cool!

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    1. Thanks! I actually watch Sasha’s videos, but I haven’t seen that one! I’m going to check them both out right now 🙂 And the snow is actually a WordPress setting they make available around this time of year (it automatically shuts off on Jan. 4).

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  2. When I’m in a reading slump I like to leave it a bit and then try reading a graphic novel or two to try and ease myself back into it. They’re quick and easy since it’s mostly pictures, so it usually works for me 🙂


    1. No, I haven’t – but I just Googled it and found your post! Somehow I missed you tagging me! (I feel like I’ve been missing tag notifications on WordPress lately.) I will be doing it right now (and hopefully posting next week), so thank you 🙂 And the short stories/film adaptations are great ideas! I’m currently attempting to read My True Love Gave to Me, which is a collection of holiday short stories.


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