NaNoWriMo Day 11 – Writer’s Block

This whole experience has been pretty surprising for me in many ways. One of them is that, so far, I’ve written my novel in order. Since I have a really good idea of what happens at each step in my novel, I was kind of expecting to be the kind of person who gets all the exciting bits done first and then fills in the gaps. And honestly, I’ve really liked writing in order. A few things changed from my original plan, and it’s much easier to keep track of what characters and places I’ve already introduced. I decided to keep writing in order, and then, if I need to at the end, add in or extend a few scenes. But then I got stuck.

Yesterday I had grand plans to finally reach 20,000 words. And then wrote a grand total of 276 words (which brings me to 19,957 – I seriously could not make myself write 43 more words). I was just really not feeling what I was writing. It’s not that I don’t like what I’ve written so far, or that I don’t know where it’s going (I’m basing my story off of an existing classic novel, I know exactly where it’s heading and how). I just don’t feel like writing this story today.

I think I’m going to give myself a bit of a breather. I really need to finish Mansfield Park today, and I’m going to try to watch the movie, so I can get my assignment – comparing the film portrayal of one of the characters to the book – done early. And I’d also really like to finish Movie Game, because I’m starting to get into it, and I feel a bit anxious about not having finished a book this week (I’m the neurotic kind of bookworm). And I need to schedule a post for Friday, and start planning my reviews for next week. And I need to work on an annotated bibliography that’s due Sunday – which I still haven’t done all the research for (although, let’s face it, this is definitely not happening today). I have lots to do.

And then, I’m going to get back to writing – I will write those 43 words today if it kills me! Though I sincerely hope I get more than 43 words done today. But I’m considering skipping ahead to one of the more climactic scenes. I think it might make me a bit more excited for the rest of the novel. I also got an idea for another book late last night, and while I am definitely finishing my current book first, I think maybe writing a little bit of my new book might be a good last resort for combating this writer’s block. Maybe I just need to get excited about writing again.

So that’s where I’m at today. I’ve also consumed a large amount of coffee after being woken up by a cat fight at 5 am (having cats is the best!). So I’m kind of all over the place. Good news is, I have finished watching the entire series of Gilmore Girls for the umpteenth time, so I don’t have that to distract me anymore. Sometimes, I really hate Netflix.

P.S. Last night I ended up in a 1920s research black hole. And I discovered that food, specifically sandwiches, in the 1920s was kind of really gross. There was something called a tree sandwich, which was basically bread cut in the shape of a tree and topped with parsley and – wait for it – chocolate. Another sandwich involved putting the crusts in a food processor with butter and salad dressing (“so as to avoid waste”) and using that as the filling. I almost want to try it just to see exactly how disgusting that is. Almost.

One thought on “NaNoWriMo Day 11 – Writer’s Block

  1. I’m not a day ahead anymore, I was feeling the same way yesterday. I only did 409 words, so you’re ahead of me now.

    That sandwich crust sandwich might not be too bad–I made cake crumb cookies a couple years ago that turned out okay. I have to get creative with leftover cake in May when we have three birthdays within ten days.


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