Book Review | Trouble

Usually, unless I already know I like the author, or a friend recommended a book to me, I research books pretty thoroughly before buying them. Once in a while, I take a chance on a book that I know nothing about. I came across Trouble by Non Pratt a while ago while browsing Book Outlet, and was immediately sold after reading the synopsis. I rarely read contemporary young adult novels, so I’m a bit picky when I do choose one to read. Trouble sounded like a really cute story with an interesting message, and it definitely did not disappoint.

18689739When the entire school finds out fifteen-year-old Hannah Shepard is pregnant – by her ex-best friend – she has no idea how to handle it. And when her former friends make a Facebook page dedicated to guessing the baby’s father, she has a complete meltdown in front of the new transfer student, Aaron Tyler. Struggling with his own secrets, and a past he can’t seem to get far enough away from, Aaron decides he wants to do something ‘meaningful.’ So he offers to pretend to be the father of Hannah’s baby. When she agrees, the two from an unlikely friendship that turns out to be more real than either of them had expected.

Trouble was definitely the cute read I’d been expecting going in. But it was also so much more than that. Lately, young protagonists, especially those in romantic stories, have a tendency to annoy me. But Hannah and Aaron actually felt very real. And the book actually dealt incredibly well with some very tough topics, including death and teen pregnancy, without feeling angsty. I think the only thing I didn’t really like about this book was that the ending felt a little abrupt, although I did enjoy the events of the ending. I think I liked this book more than I was expecting, and I’m really glad I ended up buying it!

Rating: ★★★★✩

Overall, I think this was a really sweet book, and I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for some contemporary YA!

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